Scream Star was almost stabbed in a set by a ghostface actor

Scream star Melissa Barrera reveals how close she was to being actually stabbed when filming a hospital battle scene with a ghostface.

scream Star Melissa Barrera revealed that she was almost stabbed in the set when filming her encounter with Ghostface. The fifth entry in the Metahorror franchise has received a strong economic and critical welcome so far. scream Being the first movie to knock Spider-Man: No Way Home Stay away from the pedestal as the number one box office revenue.Following a group of horror fanatic teenagers tracked by a new murderer wearing an iconic spectrum mask, the movie introduces a new character to the series in addition to recalling the former protagonist from the past. To do scream A movie that confronts the hooded slasher again.

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Starring with Valera, screamThe impressive cast also features Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, and Jack Quaid, with Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Marley Shelton, and Neve Campbell playing the roles of previous films.But the way to scream It wasn’t easy. Fifth development after Wes Craven died in 2015 scream As a result, I stayed in limbo for a while Craven was considered essential to the franchise And that success. The future uncertainty of the film was exacerbated by the closure of the Weinstein Company in 2018. Scream 4 And it was set to fund two more installments. However, it was the Spyglass Media Group who finally came to the rescue of the movie when they acquired the franchise rights in November 2019. scream Finally move forward.

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Speak in an interview with THR, Valera details her experience working on hit slasher films, from the reaction she had when she first read the script to her relationship with co-star Jenna Ortega. When asked about the hospital confrontation with Ghostface at the beginning of the movie, Valera unexpectedly told an anecdote, revealing how realistic the scene became. Before the story, the star describes her shocking encounter by explaining how a mixture of rubber and a real knife was used during the shoot.

So we were running part of that sequence. I was on one side of the round table and he was on the other side, piercing the table and trying to reach me. Now, with one of those puncture wounds, a knife popped out of his hand and hit the window just behind me. And it was a real knife! And everyone was very surprised. Fortunately, it was a little off to the side, away from me. But since then, they had to glue the knife to the gloves so that it wouldn’t happen anymore.But poor Keith [Ward], Our stunt man was regretted. I felt very sick of him. I felt like “I’m fine!” And they said, “Yes, but that might have been really, really wrong. Imagine if you were stabbed with a flying knife!” That was my first experience with Ghostface.

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Valera, an avid fan screamAlso, despite the initial hesitation of the production crew, she reveals how she performed almost all of her fighting choreography for the film herself. Dedication to this role rewarded the actor with an injured wrist after falling to the wrist about 50 times while shooting a fight against the ghostface. However, despite her shaving and injury, Valera continues to praise Betinelli Olpin and Gillette’s directors.Such a wonderful environment for shooting this movie“And not only claim it”I have nothing I want to do “ Rather than returning to Sam’s role in the future scream Installment payment.

This isn’t the first time the franchise has made a near miss when filming its brutal combat scene, and many enthusiastic fans of the series will undoubtedly find that Valera’s encounters have strange similarities. Original Skeet Ulrich Injury scream.. But it’s clear that Valera has never been postponed by her narrow escape, and her enthusiasm for returning to Sam’s role clearly proves how enjoyable the shooting experience is for the cast. and, scream Certainly the future outlook for the franchise is far more promising and it may be safe and reliable-further installment producers will want to make sure there are no future flying knife blunders.

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Scream Star was almost stabbed in a set by a ghostface actor

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