Screenshot Saturday Sunday: Off, Power On, Suburban Space Party

Screenshot Saturday Sunday! Yes, the ringing of the bells may be uncontrollably ringing on the horizon, but with a non-celebrating version of a nice video game screenshot, you can still get amnesty for the oncoming Eurtide. I will. This week: Interstellar suburbs, power-up sequences, turn off lights, and vibrate to the beat.

It’s a shame that there is no new mecha game that fills this column every week. Let’s fix it with this slick-as-hellgif from Westgunne developer Jason Koohi.

From Hawken to Heaven Will Be Mine, I’m obsessed with the great Mech startup UI (and it’s my eternal frustration that I’ve never been in Can Androids Pray). Koohi’s absolutely nailed it here with an ultra-stylish burst of analog screens and neon lights, cranking up the anime with a short cut to a cheeky pilot before ejecting through a launch tunnel.

Westgunne itself looks fun enough in a side-scrolling shooter with the same arcade-like arrangement as the studio’s previous Stardust Vanguards. But to be honest, I hope I can play the boot sequence over and over again.

Next, I figured out what happened to the disappearing middle class. Apparently, they packed up and put a white picket fence into orbit due to spacecraft trouble.

Given the premise that the last survivors of humanity will flee the dead Earth and find a new home elsewhere, the city Sim of Mattias Ljungström has a very capricious and early PC aesthetic. As the AI ​​manager for this interstellar colony, keep the inhabitants of this floating neighborhood healthy and happy, manage the ship’s “fragile ecosystem” and prevent the city of heaven from collapsing before landing on Earth 2. Is your job.

It’s disastrous that I personally didn’t cover Gloomwood’s “thief with a gun” in this column. In my defense, the developer Dillon Rogers shed all the light. How could you see it?

Remember when being able to fire a light was the biggest deal? It was a sprinter cell for me, but I remember the power of being able to change the visual balance of the scene with bullets. Twenty years later, it’s still fun to see Rogers sprinting through the space with a little nimble speedrun, but I think it’s more practical with a thief-like rampage hitting the final game pistol.

The last entry in is not a game, but a chill-out music visualizer for mother gunship artist Chris Suko.

Oh, to be an orb vibe in the current of lo-fi jazz hops.

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: lights out, power on, time for a suburban space party

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