Screenshot Saturday Sunday: Take your dog for a walk on the hexagonal hills

Screenshot Saturday Sunday! Recall the refreshing little curiosity people are posting on the #screenshotsaturdays tag another Sunday while plunging into a big game release for a month. This week: Monochrome Collie, Lost Badger Child, Geometry-led Country Break, and Wall Collapse.

First of all – dust off your board game cabinet for a little weekend game.

Dorfromantik, a cool euro game-style board game about building a quaint little village, looks just like the right kind of stress-free Sunday afternoon puzzle. With a stack of tiles aside, the game performs the task of assembling idyllic scenes according to set criteria. Place the houses in a set number or near the field. There is currently a prototype available for download on Itch, and developer Toukana plans a full release by the end of next year.

Well, it may seem dark and boring in Fairwell North, but I still want to take my dog ​​for a walk rather than the miserable weather outside the window.

Coming to Steam next spring, Farewell North will play an energetic Border Collie, dragging owners to restore color to the Scottish Highlands-inspired archipelago. Developer Kyle Banks cites games like Journey and Flower as drivers for this chilly adventure, but it looks terribly comfortable.

I think there are some special wildlife this week. Ah, I wish someone could find this badger at home.

It’s been a year since the incredibly sweet creatures of the end ring graced this column. And yes, the animals are still cute, but the world they live in is in order – all their grays have been replaced by warm autumn leaves. Also, next year, we’ll arrive on Steam with the rather threatening subtitle, “Extinction is Forever,” and follow that warning, leaving the fuzzy fox cub’s debris protection.

Unfortunately, none of the end ring creatures have hit the wall. Let’s fix that with the next prototype.

Now, Snarge’s WIP looks already hellish, even in this apparently unfinished state. But as a fan of Mirror’s Edge and Titanfall (and perhaps the exact opposite of the point in this column), what really fascinates me most is the debug log at the bottom of the screen. It’s incredible to even get a glimpse of the logic behind the acrobatics, as the game understands how to control the sword-slasher in the air.

Finally, we conclude with a bonus bus from transportation enthusiast Nosuke.

Megabass looks a little boring these days, doesn’t it?

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Taking the dog for a walk on hexagonal hills

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