Screenshots Saturday Sunday: She dreams of timeless deserts and orcs

Screenshot Saturday Sunday!And really, not all of you should send I A cool video game snaps to this, my birthday weekend? I am a generous soul. Sliding this, we continue with our regularly scheduled jpeg, gif, and cheeky little mp4 lineup. This week: pistol-wielding oaks, awkward texts, dreamy deserts, and tremendous tranquility of time.

First-what, do you really expect me to answer text messages? Wow, we really don’t know each other.

She dreams of other places. It’s amazingly stylish. If Sin’s sudden preview back in June manages, it’s a very relevant and nightmare JRPG dreamy party game that causes anxiety attacks. Monochrome portraits across a burning neon pink and blue background are also seemingly hell.If you’re more curious, there’s a demo to try Steam ahead of next year’s launch

Next up is the oldies, but I’ve never heard of Colorfiction’s stunning Sands Of Voltark, so I’ll let it through.

Whether it’s a gentle sparkling boat trip or a low-resolution horror barnyard, you’ll love the Colorfiction space. So I was a little shocked to miss this wonderfully vague desert. Until now it wasn’t tagged, but Jupiter Hadley featured Voltark in a free game column in 2018. It’s still free and worth checking out after two years.

I think our next entry is a fairly concise summary of the past year. It felt like 20 years and 15 minutes lasted at the same time.

Forgotten Fields is a stylish and heartfelt game about returning to your childhood home before it’s sold out, and it’s the kind of melancholy atmosphere I’m looking for right now. This week’s post is about how the old Solaire Of Astora here is now ruining time and space to break out of the game’s more sunny real-world segment and indulge in a hazy storybook. It will tell you everything. Yeah, ok, 2020 was weird.

Scheduled to be released on New Year’s Eve, you can download a short demo of Forgotten Fields on Steam right now.

Finally, the Warcraft x Doom crossover, which no one asked for, looks hellish.

Well, I’m sure this is an animation / UI test more than any kind of playable prototype, but I really hope it will. Blood, thunder, rifts, rifts until it’s done.

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: She dreams of timeless deserts, and orcs

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