Sea of ​​Thieves’ Giving Festival concludes the year with seasonal challenges and rewards •

Sea of ​​Thieves has received its last monthly update of the year, the Festival of Giving. With appropriate challenges and cosmetics for each season, the inhabitants of the sea are firmly integrated into the spirit of the festival.

Unfortunately, this is the third monthly update and it doesn’t add any notable new features, will you do While Rhea completes the recently announced Battle Pass, we offer another calendar of activities and rewards to keep pirates busy from the holiday season to the New Year.

Starting today, December 9th, players will be able to embark on 12 donation certificates. This is a series of daily challenges that are very loosely inspired by old-fashioned classic Christmas trinkets. For the next 12 days, new challenges will be unlocked every 24 hours (you can see them in-game and here), and each completed player will be awarded a new Eastern Winds gear set.

Festival of Giving: Official Sea of ​​Thieves content updates.

At the same time, from today to December 30, pirates can earn Gold Hoder-themed cosmetics by handing the treasure chest to another crew member (willingly or otherwise) and handing it over to the outpost. The donating crew will earn up to 5 chests of bonus gold per day when the enemy crew cashes them.

Then, from December 30th, vague festive activities give way to the celebration of Grogmanay in the Sea of ​​Thieves. By tackling the six accompanying fire-themed challenges, you’ll gradually unlock three thematically random cosmetic products in the form of a bucket of souls, a frostbite cannon, and a paradise cannon flare.

Thankfully, those who embark on the busy work of the above voyages do not have to swing by the Sea of ​​Thieves every day if the time is short. Once unlocked, all challenges will remain open and achievable until the end of the Festival of Giving event on January 20th.

A pretty scary Bonechiller costume also joins the Pirate Emporium.

The rest of the December update of Sea of ​​Thieves consists primarily of premium cosmetics. The Pirate Emporium has an ice-themed Frozen Horizon Ship Set, ice-chopped cat and dog pet variations, an ominous skeleton Santa Claus costume, and other seasonal bricks.

In particular, these include the all-new Canon Flare Cosmetic Item Type, which creates unique special effects such as confetti, snow, and sinister glowing energies. Some of these have been added back to the ship’s sets, such as Banjo-Kazooie-inspired feather sprays, and existing owners of these sets will receive them in a cosmetic box for free.

But the most illustrious addition in December is arguably the new figurehead of the first crew. This is a fun, ridiculous, and expensive figurehead (in a 3,202,018 gold coin song) inspired by the comical minimalist pirates found in the original Sea of ​​Thieves prototype. Details of today’s update can be found in Rare’s latest patch notes, with a visual summary in the update trailer above.

Of course, January marks the introduction of the new Sea of ​​Thieves Battle Pass system and the transition from monthly content drops to a three-month seasonal delivery cycle. So far, Rhea has only confirmed the voyage of a new type of Merchant Alliance to launch the January update, but there are some more surprises to keep things fresh until Season 2 arrives. I hope there is.

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