Sea of ​​Thieves got a Battle Pass in 2021

Rare is that the pirate action-adventure Sea of ​​Thieves will get a Battle Pass and other new features in 2021, with the release of Sea of ​​Thieves: Season 1 in January.

Rhea has announced a significant overhaul of the flagship titles on Xbox and PC. Sea of ​​Thieves.. A huge new update set to drop at the beginning of the new year introduces a new progression system, seasons, etc. in addition to the game.

In the latest video update of the game, developer Rare revealed that each season of the new setup lasts about three months at a time (models similar to other titles such as Destiny 2, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. ). Introduce new content in the title.

The developers also say they will focus on introducing regular and featured live events, along with “hundreds” of new rewards that can be earned as the game evolves.

The first revealed event will begin in January 2021 and will put the Merchant Alliance at the center of action. The player is tasked with finding the lost shipwreck after stitching together several clues and plundering what remains to benefit the trader. Think of it as a detective novel on the high seas – it’s exciting!

When looking for this sunken plunder, a completely free new 100-level Battle Pass (or possibly a plunder pass) that the development team expects to provide a “concrete sensation”. You will pass through. Even if you only start the game for a short time after each play, it will still show “Progress”.

Sadly, all these updates on the adventure side of the game will stop development in arena mode. This is a PvP-intensive debris mode introduced a few years ago.

However, before everything starts, Rare announced that The Festival of Giving will arrive in-game on December 9th, with 12 Days of Giving events, login bonuses, Twitch drops, Guilded Voyages and more all coming together. did. Festival event.

The latest update to the game, Fate of the Damned, is free for all players (and the game is also available on the Xbox Game Pass). The title is also optimized for the Xbox Series X / S.

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Sea of Thieves is getting a Battle Pass in 2021

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