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From January next year, everything will change with Sea of ​​Thieves. Rare’s pirated multiplayer experience replaces countless other online games with a new Battle Pass-style progression system and a new season content model.

But before that, there’s some disappointing news for fans of PvP-based arena mode. Rhea has announced that all future Sea of ​​Thieves updates will focus on expanding the game’s more popular adventure modes. That is, Arena mode will continue to be available, but all development will end. This is the sad fate of what began as a splendidly chaotic, rapid one. It launches an alternative to the core game, but it’s an unfavorable streamlined rework that struggles to overcome a myriad of technical problems and then robs the original adventurous spirit.

So, with a firm focus on adventure mode, Rare’s new season release model will debut in January. Each season lasts about three months, starting with the introduction of “a new experience or way to play to start each season,” as described in Rare’s new developer updates below.

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Sea of ​​Thieves News, December 2, 2020.

For Season 1, this is a new voyage type for a long-unpopular merchant alliance trading company. This one casts the player as a detective who must connect land and sea clues to find the lost wreck and ship.

This is a welcome addition to the neglected factions, but little is practically enough to keep players interested during the three months leading up to Season 2. Instead, Rhea seems to be leveraging the new Battle Pass system to provide enough incentives to return repeatedly.

Sea of ​​Thieves’ existing trading company progression system remains, but the new Battle Pass (which, by the way, completely free) now gives players a “concrete progress” even when they’re engaged in less time. A session that provides an additional set of goals designed.

With 100 progress levels per season, you can unlock through exploration, adventure and combat, including player cosmetics, ship cosmetics, and rewards limited to pirate legends. Rhea also promises a series of piracy trials that “celebrate existing content and encourage it to be played in new ways.”

In addition to the Core Battle Pass, there is also a premium tier version called the Prander Pass, which has slightly different features than other games. This is specifically aimed at unlocking existing items in the Premium Pirate Emporium store (along with “some” exclusive items). This means that all major seasonal benefits are free.

In addition to all of the above, each season brings quality of life updates, new Pirate Emporium additions, and new Twitch drops. In addition, expect regular live events such as Gold and Glory, in addition to one featured live event each month (including your own goals and rewards).

Indeed, as presented, this all sounds like a busy job and there are virtually no new ways to update. Hopefully, Rare can get the balance right, and Sea of ​​Thieves’ wonderfully relaxing adventures won’t develop into a relentlessly stressful, limited-time grind.

Details will be available in January, but first there is a minor issue with the Sea of ​​Thieves seasonal Giving Festival event, which will begin next Wednesday, December 9th. This includes a 12-day advent calendar-style giving of the game and a resurgence of gold-plated voyages, as well as Twitch drops, login bonuses and more.


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