Sea of ​​Thieves is discarding monthly updates in favor of seasons and Battle Pass

The Sea of ​​Thieves has been updated (almost) monthly for most of the last two years, but is changing towards 2021. The developers of Rare are teasing that 2021 will be the biggest year in game history. A new seasonal content plan and progress system will be launched next month.

Sea of ​​Thieves: Season 1 begins in January. Each season lasts about three months and begins with the introduction of major new content, along with regular live events and new perks to unlock. Season 1 introduces a new type of Merchant Alliance voyage. On this voyage, you will work as a pirate detective and discover lost cargo in the world.

The new Seasonal Progression System allows you to gain experience through the fame of 100 levels of pirates through all normal activities. At the famous level, you can unlock additional cosmetics such as clothing and the appearance of the ship. There are also specific challenges, such as directing you to older content or asking you to play it in your own way.

It’s all free, but as you progress through the famous levels, you can also pay for access to the Premium Battle Pass for additional rewards. As you can imagine, the Plunder Pass gives you unique benefits such as items from the Real Money Store.

Sea of ​​Thieves hosts monthly up-and-coming live events in areas like the Fate of the Damned. This adds to the normal, more regular rotation of live events.

The developers also say that adventure mode will be a big focus in the future. Arena will continue to be supported, but don’t expect PvP mode to get the attention in the near future.

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