Sea of ​​Thieves splits 50/50 players into console and PC

Sea of ​​Thieves was one of the earliest titles to take advantage of Microsoft’s dual platform approach to first-party titles. It was available on both Xbox One and PC at launch, but early numbers were heavily biased in favor of console players. But now, according to the developers themselves, the game enjoys a 50/50 split between the console and the PC.

In 2020 alone, 11 million people played the Sea of ​​Thieves. This was above the number of players in 2019 and above the number of players in the 2018 launch year. “Obviously, part of it came from the launch of Steam.” “Executive producer Johnnyt explains.” More than a million people attended in the first month of Steam. Since then, it has continued. I’ve seen Korean and Chinese players really contribute to the growth of communities around the world. “

Neat said: “Currently, when it comes to player-based configurations, there’s about 50/50 between the PC and the console. I really love the mix and makeup we have throughout the community.”

Early estimates of Sea of ​​Thieves player numbers were 1.7 million Xbox One players at launch, compared to just under 300,000 PC players. That’s probably a rough estimate, but it’s far from the pride of today’s rare even division.

Most of the new videos in Rare’s pirate game focus on the new seasonal structure of Sea of ​​Thieves. Prioritizing the season and Battle Pass, we say goodbye to monthly updates.

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