Sea of ​​Thieves will win seasons, looting passes and other live events in 2021

Rhea has announced some major changes coming to the voyage multi-layer adventure Sea of ​​Thieves In 2021, the game will move to a season-updated model in 2021, and Sea of ​​Thieves: Season 1 will be released in January.

As the game’s latest update news video reveals, the season lasts about three months at Sea of ​​Thieves, each starting with new content. It also includes regular and featured live events and “hundreds” of new rewards. The first will begin in January and will focus on a new series of voyages to the Merchant Alliance. There you will be asked to find the lost shipwrecks found in the world.

During the season, the game’s progress system will undergo the biggest changes. Pirates have 100 levels of Pirate Renowns that you can earn during the season, which you can earn through play and through a series of new Pirates trials. Various methods. This progression system seems to be different, but it complements that of an existing trading company, allowing you to make progress in both while playing.

Following the chain, you will be able to unlock pirate and ship rewards (there are some Pirate Legends bonus items). In addition to these, there is an optional premium tier. exactly, Sea of ​​Thieves I have a battle pass. This is called a looting pass. The Prander Pass gives you access to a series of unique additional perks along the track and exclusive Pirates Emporium items.

All this will happen in early 2021 and more information is promised to be closer to time, but in the weeks remaining in 2020, Rhea will host a 12-day giving festival on December 9th. Also announced. Giving events, login bonuses, Twitch drops, guild voyages and more.

You can check the full details of Sea of ​​ThievesThe ‘2021 is planned for the video below and the game will be available on the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.–more-live-events-in-2021

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