Sea Of Thieves is adding seasons and battle passes in 2021

Rare has announced that Sea of ​​Thieves, a pirate-themed action-adventure game, will get a Battle Pass in 2021. SeaofThieves: Season 1 is due out in January and will showcase a number of new features on the Xbox One and Xbox series. X | S, and PC titles.

The studio shared the news on its YouTube channel, revealing that the huge new updates will include seasons, new progress systems, live events and more. Each new season lasts about three months, offering 100 levels of free Battle Passes to earn rewards such as player and ship cosmetics.

Sea of ​​Thieves’ current trading company progress system remains the same, but the new Battle Pass is designed to give players a “concrete sense of progress” and sets another goal for players to track. Offers. In addition to the free Battle Pass, there is also a premium tier called the Prander Pass. This will unlock existing items in the Premium Pirate Emporium store as well as a number of exclusive items.

Each new season begins with an introduction to “new experiences and ways to play.” For Season 1, this will center the Merchant Alliance trading company. Players are cast as detectives, connecting clues to find lost shipwrecks and plunder what remains.

In addition to all this, the arrival of the new season introduces quality of life updates, the addition of new Pirate Emporium, new Twitch drops, and one up-and-coming live event with unique goals and rewards. Regular monthly live events will also continue.

Unfortunately, these new updates to the game’s adventure mode will discontinue development of Sea of ​​Thieves in PvP-based arena mode. You can play the arena, but there are no further updates.

However, before all of this begins, on December 9th, a giving festival will arrive in-game, including the resurrection of an Advent calendar-style 12-day giving event, login bonuses, guild voyages, and Twitch drops.

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