Sea Of Thieves Season 4 Departs at Port Next Week

Sea of ​​Thieves embarks on a brand new adventure under the waves. Season 4 arrives next week, bringing an underwater expedition for loot-hungry pirates.

The trailer doesn’t really go into detail, but it does provide some intriguing tips on what we can expect. First, cosmetics. There is definitely a crocodile skull hat and bone outfit worn by one of the pirates, and another outfit that lifts what looks like a strange potion. The deck has a fair amount of loot, all in a weird treasure chest, covered with some sort of glowing goop.

There are also new burnnacle-covered ship skins to discover, new models of bottled messages (possibly launching new tall tails), and perhaps brand new NPCs.

But the biggest deal seems to be under the sea. The scene focuses on sunken ruins with native iconography and seems to strongly suggest that you need to dive in to experience everything Season 4 offers. Judging from the mourning sound effects, expect some sirens as well.

Sea of ​​Thieves Season 4 arrives on Thursday, September 23, so it will take a week to prepare for your underwater trip.

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