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The Seahawks head for the 17th week with an almost healthy soccer team.

The· Seahawks Wednesday’s injury report included six players who missed practice and six players who were restricted.But no new real injuries, the same player who missed the 16th week Seattle Victory Against Rams The same suspicious player at the 2020 finale on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

Tight end Greg Olsen I missed the practice, but most of it was just to rest my injured leg. I caught one of his two targets against Los Angeles at 15 yards. But the fact that Olsen was in the field is a bit surprising, as it was expected that he could miss months instead of weeks after his leg injury in the 11th week (strangely). With the eighth week’s victory over Seattle’s 49ers, Olsen doesn’t catch any of his four targets.)

Guard Mike Iupati, who was unable to play in the Rams game, was not practicing due to a neck injury. He’s probably unlikely to play the 49ers, but Jordan Simmons does well when he needs to step into the Aiupatty.

Carlos Hyde’s running back missed Wednesday’s practice but is ill and is expected to be well by Sunday. Hyde can shatter tough yards and is a perfect backup to Chris Carson, which can be a valuable backing in the postseason.

Speaking of Carson, he was restricted on Wednesday, but probably Olsen, the reason for the restriction was mainly to rest his feet. The same is true for Carlos Dunlap (feet), Jalan Reed (chest), and Duein Brown (knees). None of these three went completely on Wednesday, but most were for rest.

Brandon Shell’s right tackle, which has missed most of the last five weeks, is actually limited and may miss the 17th week as he is trying to recover from an ankle injury.


San Francisco is far worse than the Seahawks. The 49ers trained nine players, including cornerback Richard Sherman and receivers Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel. All of these players are excluded in Seahawks matches.

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Seahawks are almost healthy on Wednesday 17 weeks ago Seahawks are almost healthy on Wednesday 17 weeks ago

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