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Seattle Seahawks is the NFC West champion.

Week 16 Seattle Seahawks And Los Angeles Rams. The main reason is that there were many game lines. If the Seahawks win, they have the chance to clinch the NFC West and still win the number one seed in NFC.

If Rams wins, they return to first place and finish the division with a win in the 17th week. However, the former happened and Seattle Seahawks became the first NFC West champion since 2016.

The Seahawks’ defeat of the Rams in the 16th week made things even more interesting for the rest of the NFC West. The San Francisco 49ers defeated Arizona Cardinals on Saturday, December 26th. As a result of its defeat and Bears’ victory over Jaguar, the Cardinal is now looking out.

However, Rams and Cardinals will have a major showdown this weekend, ultimately deciding who will play off. Ironically, perhaps the biggest game of the season for both of these teams, both may not have a start quarterback.

Before emphasizing the final week of the 2020 NFL regular season, let’s summarize what happened in the 16th week.

Week 16 Summary:

San Francisco 49ers defeat Arizona Cardinals 20-12

When these two teams first met in the first week, the 49ers had no answer to De Andre Hopkins. The Cardinals defeated the Nainers with all their might and won their first victory of the year. In the 16th week, he played against an injured San Francisco team, but the Cardinals failed to achieve the same success.

San Francisco was able to establish their run game, and when they do it, they become a very dangerous team no matter who their quarterback is. Later in the game, there was a chance to improve things further, and San Francisco’s defenses took the opportunity to seal the victory in the battle in Arizona.

The biggest point: The Cardinals may have sacrificed the playoff spot.

Seattle Seahawks defeat Los Angeles Rams 20-9

The Seattle Seahawks defense has emerged and has emerged in this important game. They were able to set the edge defensively and prevent Rams from taking the rhythm. The Seahawks were well prepared and I just wanted more of this game.

Russell Wilson He picked up the pace in the second half and led the Seattle team with two huge scoring drives. The Second Coming comes fourth to essentially clean up the game and clinch the NFC West. The Seahawks defense has shown a significant improvement over last month and issued a statement with a 16th week victory.

The biggest point: Seattle’s defense has proven to be a championship-level defense.
Recommended for Week 16 of JLuppy — (2-0)
Record of JLuppy— (26-19)

NFC West Ranking


Seattle Seahawks z- (11-4)

Final rank: 1


Los Angeles Rams (9-6)

Final rank: 2


Arizona Cardinals (8-7)

Final rank: 3


San Francisco 49ers e- (6-9)

Final rank: Four

Z–: Clinch Division
E–: Delete

Week 17 Preview:

Seattle Seahawks (-5.5) @ San Francisco 49ers

When these two teams first met, the Seattle Seahawks defense showed a flash of potential. Since the 9th week, it has been ranked high in all defense categories. The Seahawks are a lot ready, so expect to play with the same urgency and energy as when you defeated the Rams.

The Forty-niners can’t sleep and the game is closer than most people think, but I’ve won the Seahawks. This is a playoff-friendly tune-up game, as the two are divisional rivals who know each other well. Recall that last year the division won the 49ers, who won Seattle in the 17th week. I like this Seahawks with touchdown.

Playoff Scenario: Win 1 Seed if Seahawks Win + GB Loss + No Loss or Tie
Arizona Cardinals (-1) @ Los Angeles Rams

I’m surprised that the Cardinal is backed by this. It’s a small line, but Rams’ defense has proven to be legal. They can win this ball club match. In the Battle of the Bastards, defense makes all the difference, as both starting quarterbacks are potentially set aside. The Cardinals defense picked it up last month or so of the season.

But I trust Aaron Donald more than anyone else in his defense of Arizona. If the Rams can generate pressure, they can force a turnover and set this attack to good field ownership. I like Rams to win 6 because many expect it to be a low-scoring game.

Rams Clinch Wildcard Bath IF:
(1) They hit or tie the Cardinal.Or
(2) Bears lose or tie with Packers
Cardinal Clinch Wildcard Bath IF:
(1) Win or tie in Bears’ defeat to Rams + Packers
Source: Draft Kings
JLuppy Week 17 Recommendations:
Seattle Seahawks (-5.5)
Los Angeles Rams (+1)

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Seahawks Clinch Division and Next Steps Seahawks Clinch Division and Next Steps

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