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The Seattle Seahawks finished the 2020 season 12-4, beating the 49ers 26-23.

The· Seahawks Moving to 12-4, the 2020 season, aggressively ugly and defensively decent for three-quarters, 17th week 26-23 49ers defeat.. The worry is that this Seattle team, at least offensively, doesn’t seem to be dangerously ready. Playoff team.. Seattle defeated the 49ers team that was smashed in the 17th week, and Seattle should have done better.

Until the fourth quarter, the Seattle attack was terrible. Seattle had only scored 6 points for the quarter. However, thanks to the magic of the Tyler rocket, Seattle was able to score 20 points and maintain the victory. The rocket was a game player with 12 catches, 90 yards and 2 touchdowns on 14 targets. He caught a lot of short passes on the first down, which was enough to make the attack look better than it really is.

It should be mentioned that Alex Collins had to take a snap later in the game after Rashard Penny was injured again or appeared to be suffering from cramps. If Collins had to back up Chris Carson in the playoffs, I would be fine.


Speaking of penny, the serious concern about the Seahawks coming out of the game is injury. Safety Jamal Adams suffered a shoulder injury and had to leave the game. Defensive harness Jalan Reed also seemed to have injured his upper body and left the match. Seattle wouldn’t be able to win the playoffs in the long run without Adams and the lead, so we need to prepare for next week when the Seattle playoffs begin.

Seattle held the 49ers down to a total of 328 yards, and many of them came to San Francisco’s last drive at the end of the game. The defense is good and we’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year, but we’re not sure if the unit is really good enough to win the championship.

Or maybe, but Russell Wilson and his company aren’t. If you watch the first five games, fall asleep and wake up to read this last sentence, I promise it’s true. Now Seattle is moving to play Rams in the first round of the Seattle playoffs next week (again!).

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Seahawks defeat 49ers in an ugly game to end the season Seahawks defeat 49ers in an ugly game to end the season

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