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The Seahawks won the NFC West for the first time since 2016 with a 15-week victory over the Rams.

Just a few weeks ago Seattle Seahawks Defeated by the New York Giants at home. After that defeat, many were selling stock at the Seahawks. They felt that the team wasn’t enough to run in the playoffs. Also, at that time, the Los Angeles Rams were playing the best football on both sides of the ball. Now, fast-forwarding towards the present, the Seattle Seahawks will be the NFC West champion, thanks to another great performance from defense.

Throughout the year, the football team’s knocks were their poor defense spray. Whether back-end or under pressure in advance, Seattle really struggled early in the season. But, as I’ve said many times, the NFL season is a marathon, not a race. As we approach the end of the race (regular season), the Seahawks look better than ever.

After leading them to victory in the 15th week Seattle Defense Again This is the Seattle Seahawks Weekly Results Report for the NFC West Clinch Game.


on the other hand Russell Wilson Being behind in the MVP race, his team is becoming a candidate for the Super Bowl. Wilson did nothing flashy when he defeated Rams, but he did everything right. He finished the game by completing 20 out of 32 passes with 225 yards and one touchdown. Early in the game, Wilson missed TE Jacob Hollister running up the sideline in what would have been a touchdown. However, Hollister caught a touchdown that sealed the game, allowing them to hook up later in the game.

Just like a year ago, it was a kind of poetic justice moment. Jacob Hollister was stopped a yard short of winning the Seahawks NFC West. Russell Wilson, along with the Kobe 6 Grinch just released on Christmas Eve, stepped into the lumen field while rocking the Kobe Bryant Mamba Edition jersey and channeled his inner Mamba in the fourth quarter. He led the Seahawks in nine plays, an 80-yard drive, completing all passes, including a touchdown to Jacob Hollister.

When entering this game, many expected the Seahawks to feed. Chris Carson Because he wasn’t available when these two teams first met. He ended the game with zero touchdowns, but had one or two explosive plays that he missed in his tenth week defeat. Carson finished the game with 16 touches at 69 yards. His presence alone kept the Rams linebacker honest. This is what they didn’t have to do in the 10th week.

Carlos Hyde and Rashard Penny also participated in the action, helping this backfield contribute to the 95 rushyards that could be summed. Penny didn’t see much play time, but he showed his potential three times when he touched the ball. Of the three running backs, Penny has the home run speed he saw last year before the ACL broke. I hope that as Penny gets better, he will play a bigger role in this attack.

How about TE Greg Olsen becoming active from IR and returning to the field? Olsen has made a significant contribution to this Seattle team, exemplifying the implications of being a warrior. His leadership helped this locker room full of young men. The story of the 10th week match was that Jalen Ramsey played. DK Met Calf.. In the 10th week, Met Calf had only 4 targets. Well, it turned into a victory in the 17th week, and Met Calf was targeted eight times.

Often, before the snap, Wilson moved Met Calf to the other side, driving Ramsey into the no-man’s land. Throughout the year, Met Calf discussed the toughness he showed in terms of mental fatigue, which was re-exhibited yesterday. He wasn’t afraid to confront Ramsey and was looking forward to the challenge he was supposed to escape from. He finished the game with six catches at 59 yards. Tyler Rocket There was another quiet game with only 3 catches at 44 yards, but he found a good time to be open in the game. WR David Moore made a big catch in 3rd place on the opening drive in the second half, and the Seahawks moved the ball down the field. The TE group also put together a great game and helped Wilson participate in the pass game.

In last week’s match against Washington, this Seattle attack line kept its own and sacked to zero. The main stories in the game were the Rams defense front and this “ordinary” Seattle offensive line. In honor of Rams, they were able to generate a great deal of pressure, dismissing Wilson five times and hitting him eight times at the same time. But at the crucial moment of the game, Seattle’s attack line held itself and allowed Wilson to make a throw.

In the 10th week, the Rams defense unit dominated the game. They took Wilson out of rhythm and made him make a bad decision in football. This time it wasn’t. When you play against Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd, you just expect them to play. It would not have been realistic to assume that they would not put pressure on Wilson. Rams’ defense is the league’s top three defenses, which is a big reason for being 9-6. But at the most important time of the game, the attack lines played their part and got the job done. Really, that’s important.

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Seahawks offensive and defensive performance from 16th week victory Seahawks offensive and defensive performance from 16th week victory

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