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What was Sean Payton thinking?

What was Jon Gruden thinking?

Two of the NFL’s most veteran coaches are football fans in the turbulent 16th week, when the New England Patriots were wiped out for the first time in 20 years, culminating in the first draft topic from maskless to unemployment. I made a decision that bothered me. ..

let’s start:

Peyton’s plan

Saints run back on Christmas night Alvin Kamala Wipe out 52-33 and rush 6 touchdowns to tie a 91-year-old NFL record Minnesota Viking..

He wasn’t Minnesota’s Matador defense, but was denied a shot with a seventh score by Peyton, who sent back-up QB Taysom Hill with one to three goals in the remaining four minutes after Kamala had already scored five TDs. It was.

After a two-minute warning, another chance was given, so Peyton called Kamala’s number on the first goal from 3, and Kamala was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Thanksgiving in 1929. Recorded a sixth touchdown comparable to Mark.

Nevers, a full-back of the Chicago Cardinals, ran against six TDs. Chicago Bears November 28, 1929. He added four additional points to explain all the points scored in the Cardinals’ 40-6 wins.

Kamala could have broken Nevers’ 40-point NFL record with most of the points one player earned in the game. Peyton did not summon to the sideline with 4:03 left, and the saint at the front door of the Vikings was 38-27. lead.

“I was thinking of playing the best there,” Peyton later explained. “It was 4 down (actually 3rd), and obviously it was a quarterback design that runs with an extra guy, so I found it a difficult play for them,” Blocking.

“But later in the game, I was aware of that,” Peyton said of the half-dozen TD mark.

Peyton wasn’t talking about Nevers’ record six TD runs. He was talking about Bears’ great Gale Sayers, who scored six times (four rush touchdowns, two TD catches) against the 49ers at Wrigley Field on December 12, 1965.

“Many of these players (most of these players will say) don’t know how good Gale Sayers is,” Peyton said. “And you grew up in Chicago were certainly familiar with his abilities, and I was happy. Listen, that was a big deal.”

Kamala said he was happy with the link between the six scores and the NFL mark, and that five TDs were fine.

“Shaun gave Tasam one touchdown when I was five. I didn’t really care. I was like,” Shoot, it’s all good, whatever, we’re there I’m at least second, “Kamara said.

But when Drew Brees hits Adam Trautmann With a two-minute warning, Kamala suddenly had a chance to connect Nevers and Sayers for a 41-yard catch on Viking 3.

“I was looking for (Troutman) to score, but behind my heart, I seem to be” okay, this may be my chance, “Kamara said. .. “And Sean was like” going “. So I just told O-line, I said, “Take me there. Let’s get it.”

“And we got it. We made a plan for the celebration,” Kamala said, pretending to make a snow angel. “It was a wonderful moment.”

Breeze said Peyton mentioned the Sayers mark before Saints’ last touchdown drive.

“Sean told me,’Hey, if Alvin touches down again, he’ll connect this record with Gale Sayers,’ he said. Obviously, you’re looking at the scoreboard, we have three possessions, let’s see how close they are, “Breeze said. “So they score down and we get the ball back, at which point it is: first down and we kneel.

“Well, I had the opportunity, so I felt,” Hey, let’s throw it before the two-minute warning. ” And we have a big impact on Trautmann and narrow the range of points. So man, some things had to happen there to get the opportunity. But at that point, it’s like “Man, we’re getting this record.”

Or at least tie it.

Let’s take a look:

Gruden’s gambling

Gruden’s unique plan required the Las Vegas Raiders to end the four-year playoff drought when Miami forced them to deliberately settle for a field goal.

The defender grabbed the face mask and pulled it down, Ryan FitzpatrickA desperate wave to McHollins set Jason Sanders’ 44-yard field goal. On Saturday night, the dolphins drove the field in the last 19 seconds, defeating the Raiders 26-25.

FitzMagic’s latest Wizardry was made possible the moment Gruden chose to run 24 hours a day for a Goahead field goal instead of trying to touchdown.

Josh Jacobs deliberately went down on the 1-yard line after a 5-yard run, and Derek Carr knelt down to score a 22-yard field goal for Daniel Carlson, 25-23 Raiders with 19 seconds remaining. I raised it to.

Dolphins didn’t have to move the length of the field, and when Hollins was mysteriously left open for a 34-yard catch thrown by Fitzpatrick while Ardenky was dragging him down, they With a face mask that only needed one play to move from 25 to the field goal range.

Fitzpatrick wasn’t even aware that he had completed the pass, saying, “My head was stripped off.”

A tacked 15-yard penalty moved the ball to Las Vegas 26, set a winning kick for the Sanders, the Dolphins continued to look for the first playoff berth since 2016, and the Raiders were excluded from the playoff competition.

“I don’t regret it a bit,” Gruden said. “I just regret the result.”

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