Seasonal Story: Olive Town Egg Hunt | What Happens During the Festival

Like many life simulation games Seasonal Story: Olive Town Pioneer Featuring a substitute version of a real-world holiday for your character and his friends to celebrate.

When you start the game, the first event of this kind occurs. Egg hunt The festival will take place a few weeks after you first move to Olive Town.

How to prepare an egg hunt

Egg hunt Spring 15, In parallel with Easter Sunday.

Residents of Olive Town begin to remind them a few days ago (some say a little relentlessly). However, be sure to pay attention to the date, as you can’t technically miss it unless you go to town at all on that day.

When you head to Olive Town for the first time in Spring 15, you will notice that the situation is a little different. Instead of roaming freely, Mayor Victor enters a cutscene that welcomes you to Egg Hunt.

As he explains, it is an important local festival that is said to bring happiness to the lucky individuals who find brightly decorated eggs placed around the town.

You will be given time to walk around and prepare before the hunt begins. All your neighbors will be outside the Olive Hall for this event — even those who usually work on Sundays. You cannot enter the building during the festival, but you can talk to anyone before the festival begins.

At this point, if you have a close relationship with other characters, you can invite them to team up for Egg Hunt. It’s also a good opportunity to introduce a character you haven’t met yet.

Otherwise, talk to Victor again when you’re ready to get started.

What happens during the Egg Hunt event?

The egg hunt itself is done entirely within the cutscene. Before returning to the square outside the Olive Hall, you will see your character (and their partner, if they have one) find three eggs.

Mayor Victor describes the scoring system. The number of eggs you find shows how much happiness you can expect next year. However, this is not a competitive endeavor, so everyone who participates can expect some good atmosphere in the near future.

Still, you 3 eggs, This is clearly the joint highest score.

After the cutscene, I’ll be back on the farm in the evening. Olive Town will reopen the next day as usual.

That’s really everything. Your new friends are grateful that you are participating in local customs. You may have had a chance to get closer to a qualified neighbor. And you heard a nice scolding story about finding your own happiness. You will also receive a new title reward when you participate in the first egg hunt.

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Story of Seasons: Olive Town Egg Hunt | What happens during the festival

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