Seattle mobile studio Lightfox has won $ 3.3 million to bring its debut title to market

Seattle-based mobile developer Lightfox Games has secured $ 3.3 million in seed funding to bring its debut title. Super Battle League, To the market.

The investment round was led by March Gaming with the participation of Hiro Capital and 1Up Ventures.

Founded in 2019, Lightfox has formed a team of industry veterans from companies such as King, EA, Disney, Epic Games and Amazon.

Studio debut project, Super Battle LeagueIs marketed as a 3v3 real-time mixed PvE and PvP multiplier title, where players compete for who can defeat the boss first. Lightfox believes the game will attract casual players and allow the company to “capitalize and expand the genre in this underserved part of the market.”

“In the past, mobile mid-core games have struggled to attract and maintain a larger casual audience. Real-time multiplayer games such as Brawl Stars and“ Battle Royale ”games are mobile competitive with mid-core players. I’ve succeeded in providing an outlet with, but I’m not drawn in. A more casual audience. ”

“”[Super Battle League] Introducing a casual party-based PvE game that can be played vertically and with one hand. The depth is then layered as players are exposed to PvP play and work to level up their gear while competing in hundreds of randomly generated arenas, “the studio explained.

Nothing has been announced when this title will be released worldwide, but it is already available in some regions of iOS and Android.

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