Second Life developer Linden Lab plans to ban gacha games later this month.

Second life Developer Linden Lab will no longer allow content creators to sell items using the “Gacha” mechanism.

The company said it would abolish the “very popular” sales mechanism due to “changes in the regulatory environment.” The gacha mechanism is similar to a loot box in that it offers random rewards in exchange for payments.

Monetization tools are increasingly being scrutinized for their similarity to real-world gambling and their excellence in popular games, often played by children and young adults.

Linden Lab will provide creators with the opportunity to rebuild their products before the Gacha Mecha is completely scrapped. Therefore, you will be given a 30-day grace period ending at midnight on August 31, 2021.Selling content on gacha machines is prohibited Second life.

“Sales that are paid for known items are still allowed. That is, items purchased as” gachas “are allowed to be resold as long as the purchaser knows the item and quantity in advance. Of course, we will continue to allow fat packs and other currently accepted distribution mechanisms, “says Linden Lab.

“We didn’t lighten this decision. We understand that it affects not only creators, but also event organizers, and certainly shoppers. Instead, it’s fun creative engagement. I’m looking forward to the way coming. “

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