Second Story (PS1, 1998) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make. Today we are listening to “We Form In Crystals”. This is the absolute danger of credit songs and is far superior to their original rights.

What is “we form”? Yes, “We are made up of crystals.” Ever since I first saw the song list on the 1998 PS1 RPG soundtrack, I was wondering what it meant. Star Ocean: The Second Story (((playlist / Long play / VGMdb). In order to increase my confusion, when I was a kid, I interpreted it as “becoming a crystal” and left an impression on me. Star ocean The party will be a hardened fixture of the natural landscape long after death. Instead of the bodies collapsing into anything, they crystallize into beautiful, lasting gems affixed to the ongoing world. A good idea of ​​misreading, a fate that is more dire than forever nonexistent, and the character of my beloved video game that I left long ago.

Anyway, let’s ask:

Square Enix / John Matthews (YouTube)

The combination of Tri-Ace’s deep craft system, action combat, and sci-fi fantasy sees a group of exiled magicians slamming the entire planet into their homes as they try to return home. Of things. “Prestige role-playing games” are not necessarily one of them.I love Second story, But it can be hot and stupid mess. But the credit music surprised me when I first heard it.

We have just defeated Gabriel, the last boss of the game, in an epic battle that needs to be revived dozens of times after wiping. Next, I checked where all the characters ended up. Who decided to hitchhiking back in the pursuit of their favorite hobby in peacetime? Is Sylvain Boxing Player Noel Hanging With Forest Creatures? Wow! It’s cool! He deserves it. However, when the PS1 FMV starts playing, “We Form In Crystals” fades in.

Arranged by the series composer Motoi Sakuraba, it was like listening to a super-compressed (but nice) 16-bit orchestra in my living room. Some of the instruments that the violin and loud bass start to play the clarinet carry the melody as the camera pans the mountains, the ocean, and finally outer space.

It reminded me of the rest of the game from a completely different perspective, and even the annoying JRPG features imbued me with a worthy purpose and a sense of subtle meaning.It was made Second storyThe world of (the game is played on different planets) comes back to life and feels like it was actually somewhere between the stars for nearly six minutes.

The next day I went back and won the game again. That’s so that my parents can record songs on cassettes with the voice machine that my parents bought to help me with my voice problems. I played the cassette almost every night for months and added other songs from the radio and other games (Vagrant Story, Legend of Dragoon— At that time, we were spending a lot of time in our hands). I still have a cassette and the remnants of “We Form In Crystals” still bring me joy.

Well, that’s the end of today’s morning music! Hopefully we will change to something better someday. In the meantime, tell us how it’s going and if you’ve been incredibly long to record, capture, or celebrate your favorite game moments. Please give me.

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