Secret Invasion: Marvel Cast, Plot, Disney + Release Approaching

Secret invasion It may premiere at Disney + in the (unknown) future, but it’s starting to feel like it’s in full swing. the Avengers A movie in terms of its range and size. But if it’s like a Marvel cartoon event, the scale makes sense.

Flooded with cast news, the plot drips as Marvel’s plot normally does, and we have a wealth of cartoon knowledge to judge. This is what we know. NS Know about Secret invasion..

What is Secret Invasion?

A little like Marvel’s answer to John Carpenter case, Or Dominion Story Arc Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Secret Invasion Comic, well, deals with Secret Invasion. A longtime adversary of the Marvel Universe, Skrull, who also has the convenient ability to transform, insists on the Earth for themselves. Throughout the event series, it became clear that certain heroes were actually Skrulls for years. This is a twist that Marvel played with the tagline “Who do you trust?”

Will the real Avengers stand up?
Image: Marvel Comics

The comic version of Secret Invasion was a 2008 crossover storyline written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Reinel Franix You. This story, which was heavily promoted by Marvel at the time, covered both its own eight series and several other books. Marvel’s site recommends 98 individual questions as the recommended reading order. The comics also include characters and places that haven’t yet been incorporated into the MCU, such as Spidergirl and Savage Land, which is full of dinosaurs. This is some really nice Marvel Ark setting.

There will also be characters that are no longer on the MCU, such as Tony Stark, who travels to Savage Land with Luke Cage and others to investigate a crashed Skrull ship.

What does the MCU Secret Invasion look like?

In the comics, Maria Hill played an important role, and Deadline just caught the news that Cobie Smulders would be back in the role she played in all the roles. the Avengers Not to mention the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home..She is joining another person the Avengers-Replaying his role as regular, Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Fury (or does he do that?).

As Ben Mendelsohn replays his role as Skrull’s leader Talos, Fury appears to be the protagonist of television adaptation. Captain Marvel.. The two were last seen in the post-credit sequence Spider-Man: Far From HomeThe charmingly distraught Talos was impersonating Fury, and the actual Fury seemed to manage the project on a Skrull ship.

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos joins other Skrulls emerging from the sea

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos seen here at Captain Marvel

Remaining Secret invasionSo far, the cast. Includes Oscar winners Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Kingsley Ben Adil, Killian Scott and Christopher McDonald. Happy Gilmour — However, he experienced another alien invasion in the 90’s cult classic. Undergraduate..

The show’s creator and executive producer is Kyle Bradstreet, who has experience in conspiracy and conspiracy from his writing and production. Robot When Berlin station, It treated the CIA, a whistleblower, and no one trusted it. Would you like to pick up a pattern here?

When will you debut?

Hawkeye When Spider-Man: No Way Home To conclude Marvel’s year, MCU TV machines will continue to boot on all cylinders until 2022. This is probably when you see a 6-part series. At the recent Disney Plus Day event Secret Invasion, Moon knight, Kamala Khan, She Hulk, And many other shows with intriguing names such as X-Men ’97, Marvel Zombies When Agatha: Harkness House..

Of all the shows with video, Secret invasionWas the shortest. Only Nick Fury (probably) can be seen, but now he has a beard and has lost his eyepatch. The mystery is beckoning.

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