Secretlab Black Friday 2020 Sale: Big Discounts on Best Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Omega and Titan series gaming chairs are on sale at Black Friday 2020.

Secretlab manufactures some of the best gaming chairs you can buy. This year, we run our own and offer the popular Titan and Omega collections at great prices. Depending on what you get, you’ll see discounts of up to $ 100 from some of the best gaming chairs on the market in different colors and designs.

Need help navigating the online shopping mess? Check us out for a list of the best deals, opening hours of major retailers and more. And while there’s a list if you’re looking for something more affordable than Secretlab, when it comes to gaming chairs, Secretlab is probably the most durable, high-quality, and comfortable option. ..

Secretlab Black Friday 2020 Gaming Chair Sale

Find out more about how to save, as well as a complete list of all for sale. Check out the discounted prices on Secretlab’s main collection, the Omega and Titan series, for specific deals.

Differences between Secretlab Omega series and Titan series gaming chairs

What is the difference between the Secretlab Omega series and Titan series gaming chairs? The biggest difference other than price is size. Both the Omega and Titan series are made of the same high quality upholstery materials and can be customized with the same set of special designs, but they differ slightly in size and shape.

Differences between Secretlab Omega and Titan series gaming chairs.
Differences between Secretlab Omega and Titan series gaming chairs.

The OMEGA series is Secretlab’s “small” or “medium” gaming chair line. Recommended for people less than 5’11 “inch and less than 240 lbs in height. Backrest height is 31.5” inches, seat depth is 19.3 “inch, width is 14” inches, and raised sides are included. not. The overall width is 22 “inch. A complete breakdown of its dimensions and specifications can be found on the Secretlab Omega series product page.

The Titan series is Secretlab’s “large” gaming chair line. Recommended for people 5’9 “to 6’7” inches high and up to 290 lbs. The backrest is 33 inches high, the seat is 19.7 inches deep, and the overall width is 20.5 inches. The Titan series does not have the high raised sides around the seat like the Omega chair. The backrest is also more dramatically curved. Check the Secretlab Titan series product page for details on dimensions and specifications.

Unfortunately, Secretlab’s largest chair, the Titan XL, doesn’t seem to be featured at all on the Black Friday sale.

Better gaming chair options

If Secretlab is too small for your budget, we have a list of the best affordable gaming chairs. Our guide also breaks down the most important things to look for in a gaming chair. If you’re buying a gaming chair for this holiday season, it’s a good idea to read it before making a decision.

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