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Security key, the only 2FA method

Twitter announced in March that it would change the way users log in to their Twitter accounts by simplifying the 2FA method. With this week’s update, we no longer need phone numbers or other factors, so we can now authenticate using security keys as a 2FA method.

What is the 2FA method (two-factor authentication)?

As you can guess from its name, the 2FA method is described as follows: Two-factor authentication It is basically a two-step verification. Therefore, the user provides two authentication factors to log in to the account. One is a password or passcode, the other is a biometric element (such as a face scan or fingerprint) or Security token..

What changes have you made to Twitter?

Now Twitter has announced it Security key Acts as the only 2FA method. They have disabled other 2FA login methods, such as SMS backup code. This new option is available for both web and mobile applications.

A security key is a small device that acts like a house key. Just as you need a physical key to unlock your home door, you need a security key to unlock access to your account. The security key is the strongest protection for your Twitter account, as it has built-in protection that prevents you from accessing your account using shared information, even if the key is used on a phishing site.


Hackers can attempt to hijack by stealing credentials, guessing, or resetting passwords. With the new 2FA method, users use physical security keys, so only users can authenticate to their Twitter account and block malicious attacks.

This change is that everyone using Twitter uses or wants to use the backup 2FA method, provides a phone number to the company, or logs in to their account using a third-party verification application. It is the result of the fact that it is not.

How do I turn on 2FA methods in my Twitter account?

  • Go to the profile menu.
  • Search Settings and privacy;
  • If you are using a desktop Security and access accounts;
  • If you are using iOS Account –> Security;
  • All you have to do is enable the 2FA method from there.

Security Key: The Safest Way Against Cyber ​​Attacks Using 2FA

The security key is nothing new in Twitter policy. They were first delivered to the web in 2018, and support for mobile applications was also provided by Twitter in 2020. Bleeping Computer Report. The difference between then and now is that security keys used to be one of the various 2FA verification procedures, but now they are the only one that requires users to authenticate using 2FA.

In addition, Twitter has updated security key support to meet the WebAuthn standard. WebAuthn is an application programming interface (API) that basically stands for credential management, allowing users to securely authenticate using a single authenticator without the need for a password.

Twitter added that security keys are currently the best way to protect your account.

The format of 2FA is better than without 2FA, but physical security keys are most effective.


Security key, the only 2FA method Security key, the only 2FA method

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