See Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

By Stephany Nunneley
August 3, 2021 16:43 GMT

Microsoft has announced a new color for the Xbox wireless controller. It’s a nice pearl blue.

NS Aquashift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller It has been announced by Microsoft and will be available from August 31st.

Featuring a blue sparkle that changes color, the prism color moves across the controller and looks as if it were “lively in your hands.”

Not only is the controller in new colors, but every unit has a rubberized side grip with its own dual color swirl.

Featuring texture grips on triggers, bumpers and back cases, the next-generation Xbox accessory app[共有]You can customize the buttons to capture screenshots, start / stop recording game clips, or capture moments. These can be shared directly from the console dashboard or mobile phone.

You can also use the Xbox Accessories app to remap other controller buttons and create custom controller profiles.

Quickly pair, play and switch your controller to devices such as the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and mobile.

The controller runs $ 69.99 or a regional equivalent.

Check it out in the gallery below.

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Check out the Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

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