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Dreamville is not place, But it’s a state. Energy, possibilities and opportunities run endlessly in Dreamville. Or are you in Dreamville? Or through Dreamville?

Ibrahim Hamad comes to us live from the aggressive Dreamville. The president of Dreamville has lived in a dream from the beginning. He has seen six different number one albums, some Grammy love and signature sneakers. And he is laughing at the sneaker, PUMA RS-Dreamer.

“One of the things about Cole, anyone who knows him, he’s thinking far ahead,” Hamad tells SLAM. “I remember many years ago he said,’Man, I’m going to have my basketball sneakers.’ And I used to say, “It sounds crazy.” But knowing his will, I never doubted it. He is the ultimate dreamer. I’ve never seen anyone I’ve ever known who can really set his mind on things and get it done, even if it looks ridiculous. From the time we went to college, he seems to be “I’m going to be signed.” And people were like, “Yes, anything.” The idea had been flying around for him for a long time, so when it happened, you saw that logo, you had sneakers, and you said, “Damn, this guy really turned to it. It looks like. It was clearly the wonder of sneakers, the sensation of beautiful sneakers, but it’s the sensation of travel. “

“When I started working with both Cole and Ib at RS-Dreamer, I knew that for a successful franchise, they would be intimate partners at every step of the creative process,” said Adam Petrick of Global. Mr. says. PUMA’s brand and marketing director tells SLAM. “Their creative vision, cultural ties, and genuine attitude gave this shoe and launched an unparalleled approach. I wanted to realize Cole’s vision and dreams, but it did. I’m sure. “

RS-Dreamer is packed with all of PUMA’s best technologies, including RS foam on the ProFoam midsole and a knit upper with suede accents.

Originally it fell in the summer, It’s back with even more popular demand..

“We’re really happy to bring RS-Dreamer back to consumers and fans after such a successful first launch,” says Petrick. “I wore the RS-Dreamer for the first time at last year’s All-Star Weekend Call, so I thought it was a good moment to revive the model.”

“I don’t think we knew what to expect when it first came out, and it sold out in just a few minutes, it went crazy,” Hamad adds. “And people wanted to make it worse. You want people to have it, people to play basketball, people to wear it when they go out with friends, and it Sold out so quickly that I want them to take away that experience.

The launch colorway will return with the DREAMER logo on the heel. That was exactly the motto from jumping. And Cole and Hamad didn’t know it at the time, but the words are in perfect agreement with them. “Dream” comes from Middle English in the 13th century. Its first meaning can be traced back to “music”.

Hamad laughs and says he is unaware of the etymology of “dream.”

“But let me tell you what” dreamer “means to me. Because I think everyone will interpret it differently and see it differently, “he continues. “For me, it’s the one who keeps things, people and energies out of the way of what they want to do and what they want to achieve, whether small or large. It was. I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what he says Or She says what they believe. It can look ridiculous. I’m going to get it done. It’s like a dreamer. “

So, living from a dream state / medium /, the pawn became king for only $ 1 and something else …

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See behind the scenes of PUMARS-Dreamer See behind the scenes of PUMARS-Dreamer

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