See the play status of today’s PlayStation here

I have a new playstation State of play Today you can see here on this page.

The State of Play is a live event that introduces the latest updates to various upcoming games on the PlayStation console. Through the official PlayStation blog page, today’s stream is about 20 minutes long, with some new information about games announced before it appeared on the PlayStation console, and some unreleased for the first time. Provides the game.

The stream is set to start with Pacific Standard Time 2pm, Eastern Standard Time 5pm, UK 10pm.. Those who are interested in the show can see it via the embedded stream below:

This is the first official PlayStation live stream since the spectacular showcase on September 3rd, and continues to be released like some Sony-branded clown car, packed with more titles than expected per game. I did. The show was the first to get a glimpse of God of War’s Ragnarok and Forspoken. Both have a release date in early 2022 and could get more love at today’s event.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars: I’ve seen a trailer of a remake of the Knights of the Old Republic before, but it’s unlikely to be seen today as it’s early in development and has a release date of 2023.

FINAL FANTASY XVI is one of the biggest titles I’ve never seen before, missed at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this month, but is about to be completed (thanks to VGC). Now that it’s almost complete, it’s time to announce the definitive release date for the latest entry in the legendary JRPG series.

The only display ever confirmed Little Devil Inside, An indie action adventure announced at the last State of Play event. The fascinating project hasn’t existed for a while, so it’s nice to see it come back-hopefully there’s a release date too!

For those unpublished titles, there is little speculation about those mysterious unpublished titles. It seems that we need to sit firmly and adjust today.

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