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See the sinister Supercell Storm Cloud they barrel across the US

When the conditions are perfectly matched, a disaster rushes across the Great Plains. Anvil type formation this is UpYou can unleash hail, lightning, and tornadoes.

Storms are relatively rare, but can last for hours.Supercells thrive on warm air that moves upwards and cold air that moves downwards, when two streams travel on separate paths. The latter avoids weakening the former. And only about 20% of supercells produce tornadoes, but they produce tornadoes Occupy the majority Twister’s tearing the United States every year.

In short, supercells on the horizon are an ominous sign. But what makes a storm deadly, and how often meteorologists are uncertain.So the researchers I’ve spent decades Dive into extreme storms and drive to assess what a supercell needs to do to create a dangerous situation, especially a tornado.

By better understanding when the tornado will land, authorities will warn the general public sooner and Increase local confidence in severity It’s dangerous to come.

Supercell near West Point, Nevada. To better understand when a storm causes a tornado researcher jump Drone 2,500 feet off the ground into a rumbling supercell across Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and several other states.

A tornado supercell storm that moves over the Great Plains at sunset.Historically, tornadoes have plagued the Great Plains the most, but extreme weather has Will be more frequent in the east, like Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee..

A high-precipitation supercell traveling through Nebraska Sand Hills. Supercells generally produce the largest and fastest falling hail.The ice hockey in the strongest storm 2-4 inches in diameter, Crashes at 44-75 mph.

Tornado funnel and debris cloud under the supercell in McCook, Nevada The dark column around the base of the tornado is a cloud of debris, a swirl of agitated soil and debris. Twice the width of the twister itself..

A supercell that moves over the Great Plains.Brewing in the storm draft Correct rotation, size, depth, and duration for Doppler radar to label Mesocyclone: A precursor to a tornado.

A slow-moving tornado supercell speeding up near Bartlett, Nevada. A slow thunderstorm crosses the landscape at about 12 mph. The fastest supercell can reach 40-50 mph..

Supercell hunting mushrooms at sunset in Bledsoe, Texas. National research efforts on thunderstorms Thunderstorm project [1945Theprojectofcourseflewtheplanedirectlyintothestormycloudsasmeteorologicaleventswereconsideredathreattoflight[1945年。気象イベントは飛行への脅威と見なされていたため、当然のことながら、プロジェクトは嵐の雲の中を直接飛行機を飛ばしました。

Supercell and Tornado National Weather Service Attacking Lamar, Colorado evaluates tornado strength as follows: Damage investigation conducted after the fact..According to a new study, in the case of tornadoes that occur in supercells, the traditional evaluation method is May underestimate wind speed..

A tornado warning supercell heading to Enid, Oklahoma. To record a tornado, someone needs to witness the tornado. Since the population density has been increasing since the early 1900s, It’s not clear if the weather is more common or if more people are around to see it..

See the sinister Supercell Storm Cloud they barrel across the US See the sinister Supercell Storm Cloud they barrel across the US

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