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Rocket Sports Media | LAVAL, QC. — — Towards the beginning of the 2019-20 season Jonathan Drewin It was the top story of the Canadiens.. He scored 46 points in the first 55 games and then scored 7 points in the last 26 games.

Drouin is certainly grateful Marc Bergevin Made a major acquisition of Jake Allen, Joel Edmundson, Josh Anderson,and Tyler Tofoli During the off-season. The obvious reason is that they are all additions that need to improve the team. Reinforcements steal some of the spotlight from Drouin.

Two-part season

As in the previous year, Drouin’s 2019-20 season was divided into good and bad parts. He started the season with 7 goals and 8 assists in 19 games before being pushed aside by an injury to his upper body. The pace of 0.79 points per game would have set his personal record, proportional to 64 points in 82 games.

When he returned to the ice in February, Doruan was scoreless for eight games before suffering an ankle injury and kept him out until the regular season was paused.

“he [Drouin] He was injured after a good start to the season. He’s back in a time when everyone is playing the best hockey. I think he really had a hard time because it’s hard to catch up with these guys when you’re out for a couple of months. ” Claude Julian Said in October.

“Unfortunately, he was injured the moment he was playing very well last year, which prevented him from finishing the season the way he wanted,” said an associate coach recently. Dominique Dusham..

Strong post-season finish

During the Canadians’ post-season appearance in Toronto’s hub city, Doruan’s performance resembled his regular season. He was a non-factor in the series against penguins, and his only point was the goal of the second game in the four-game series.

In his first round series with the Flyers, he recorded 6 assists in a 6-game stretch. After making a slow start in the series, he performed well in the last two games before the team was eliminated.

“I had a little trouble at first, but in the second half I liked not only the points, but his way of competing and being ready to go further inside,” Bergevan told TVA Sports.


The big question mark around Doruan next season is his consistency. Due to the shortened schedule, there is no buffer for him to be non-factor. The Canadians need a drew-in to produce consistently and aggressively to succeed.

“As a coach, you always try to encourage your guys and make them as consistent as possible. And the 82-game schedule isn’t always great, but honest efforts I need it. I want to see the players challenge. One night works better than the other. You can live with something like that. With Jonathan What we’re trying to do is the consistency of his game, “Julian told the NHL’s The Rink Podcast.

“You want him to start the season with his right foot. You want him to build on it. [post-season performance], And try to make his game consistent. I think that’s all he has to do. Some of the things we can encourage can be what we strive to do to him and actually push. At the same time, there is much of it that has to come from him, and we have to make it happen and make an effort to become it. “

Skill level

Not many observers have doubts about Drouin’s skill set. He showed a flash of it throughout his career. For a successful playing career, Drouin must consistently bring it onto the ice.

“The skills and talents we all saw in the draft year, I think Tampa Bay was seeing it when he finished third overall. It’s still there and needs to be brought every night.” Berge Van told TSN690. interview.

In the draft year, Drouin scored 29 goals and added 79 assists in 46 games against Halifax Mooseheads. If anyone knows Drouin’s talent, it’s Dominique Ducharme, head coach of Mooseheads for the 2013-14 season, when Drouin scored 108 points.

“It’s important that he works on the ice. When he’s playing with dynamism, when his feet are moving, when he’s near the puck, when he’s playing inside, he can see the consequences. Yes, Jonathan feels that too, “says Ducharme.


No one is shocked to say that they haven’t lived up to their expectations in three seasons since the acquisition of Drouin. This season should be the best season of Druin in his young career, by being consistent all year round.I wrote the exact same sentence Column on September 2, 2019, And one season later, we are in the same place.

“Our expectations from him are higher than he has ever done. [in Montreal].. He is still a young player. I want to see more, I want to see more, [Drouin] There are more possibilities, and it’s up to him to show them, “said TSN690 General Manager.

“”[Jonathan] Coming to Montreal, he had a lot of expectations. He said in a golf tournament that it was hard when he arrived in Montreal. I think he is maturing. I hope he will resume where he was interrupted by the bubble and make people forget his thoughts on the deal, “Bergevan told TVA Sports when asked to think about the deal.

My prediction is Forward line And that Power play unit When realized, Drouin will have the opportunity to play with linemates who will help him consistently get his name on the scoresheet.

It is now up to Drouin to make the necessary efforts.

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Seeking Consistency Drouin | Hub Memo Pad Seeking Consistency Drouin | Hub Memo Pad

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