Sega Ages team reveals the most popular games in the series

Sonic the Hedgehog is number one! (Image:

Nintendo Switch’s Sega Ages line officially ended in August. Herzog Zwei..

So what was the most popular game in the end?According to the Sega Ages team (translation courtesy by) Onidino), In addition to selling Virtua Racing The two got a lot of “biggest reactions” in Japan Puyo Puyo The game was also popular.

It was different overseas, but in terms of sales Sonic the hedgehog It was “much” the biggest. Outrun The second most popular in the region (especially in Europe), Virtua Racing was also very popular on social media.

Especially, Fantasy zone It proved to be more popular than Virtua Racing in terms of the number of tweets generated.

Eventually, a total of 19 games were added to the Sega Ages line. No mention of a series of follow-ups, but in an interview dating back to August, Sega’s Yosuke Okunari said he hopes the team will continue to re-release past titles on Switch.

Tsuyoshi Matsuoka (representing M2) also said he would like to personally see how emulation experts still port “many other titles” and Sega’s “whole history of interactive games” is back. I am.

What is your favorite game on the SwitcheShop Sega Ages line? Please leave a comment below.

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