Sega announces unprecedented prototype “Venus” handheld

Sega has pulled back a prototype handheld curtain called Venus, which served as the predecessor of Genesis Nomad.

As Nintendo Life discovered, the company easily spotlighted vintage hardware in a video history lesson hosted by Sega producer and manager Hiroyuki Miyazaki.

Historical details show Sega’s hardware lineage and give you a glimpse of a prototype you’ve never seen before. It features a less angled design and metal finish than the final consumer model launched as a nomad in North America in 1995.

“Venus was a portable megadrive that was only released as a nomad in North America,” explains Miyazaki. “It’s a mega drive with an LCD screen, [and] Accepts North American Genesis cartridges. This is the first time I have recently discovered and published a prototype.

“You can see the codename printed on the console: Venus. This portable console was released in 1995 after both Super32X and Saturn.”

Nomad, after selling just one million units in about four years, is widely regarded as a commercial failure, but still praised as the first true 16-bit handheld, with the device in a closed room. It’s interesting to see how it was shaped.

You can see the full history lesson with captions by checking the video embedded above.

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