Sega finally brings the last four yakuza series to PC and Xbox

There is no excuse not to experience the story of Ryu Dojima (Photo: Sega)

Sega announced at The Game Awards 2020 that it will enhance support for PCs, including the new games Endless Dungeon and Humankind.

Among the larger announcements at The Game Awards 2020, some slightly smaller announcements have slipped under the radar, including Sephiroth being identified in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the new Mass Effect Teaser.

For starters, after a lot of fan demand, Sega and Ryuga Gotoku Studio will bring the rest of the Yakuza series to their PCs.

Currently on the PC like Yakuza 0, the two Kiwamiri remakes of the first two games, and the recent Yakuza: Dragon, PC owners couldn’t see the story of Kazuma Kiryu to the end.

The Yakuza Master Collection (composed of Yakuza 3, 4, and 5) will be released on January 28, 2021, followed by Yakuza 6 on March 25.

Plus, all of these games come with the Xbox Game Pass, so Xbox fans can catch up.

During The Game Awards, two other PC games released by Sega were announced, developed by Amplitude Studios, which Sega acquired in 2016.

The first is Endless Dungeon. This is a roguelike tactical action game that is a sequel to Dungeon Of The Endless with a similar title in 2016 (Amplitude is shy about whether it’s a sequel or not). Amplitude does not specify any, but it also applies to the console.

The second is Humankind, a historic turn-based strategy game similar to a civilization game. The main difference is that you can customize your culture with several different historical elements.

Mankind has promised a million different cultural combinations and even has the opportunity to play OpenDev scenarios and provide feedback. Available from December 15th to December 28th.

Humanity will be released on April 22nd, but only for PC and Stadia.

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Sega finally bringing the last four Yakuza games to PC and Xbox

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