Sega unveils its first 1994 “Venus” prototype handheld console

Sega has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, offering fans a unique history, including new videos focusing on the various consoles of the studio that have been produced over the years, and showing off a prototype that has never been published. Previous.

This video (discovered by Nintendo Life) is sponsored by Sega producer Hiroyuki Miyazaki and takes you on a brief historical tour of Sega’s various consoles, including Sega’s introduction to the console at 11:10. .. Internally known as Sega Venus, it was so named to maintain the tendency that Sega had when naming the console after the planet. Of course, only Sega Saturn gave the name to the final product. Portable Mega Drive, which sadly never released here in the UK, will be released exclusively in the US and will be the basis for Sega Nomad, which accepts and allows full-size Genesis (the US name for MD) cartridges. You’ll play them on the go.

The entire video is worth your time, providing fascinating insights from the history of the Sega console to the last console, the Dreamcast released in 1999. Of course, if you do not speak Japanese as your mother tongue, be sure to display subtitles. You can watch the 23-minute video below.

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