Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi says Nintendo’s console is aimed at “children and teens”

As part of Sega’s 60th birthday celebration, the company’s chief creative officer, Toshihiro Nagoshi, participated in a video interview talking about his time at the company.

Nagoshi is probably most famous for his relationship with the yakuza franchise, but his history in Sega games goes back quite a bit.He worked on an arcade driving title Virtua Racing And Daytona USABefore moving to Super monkey ball series. This series was important because the original title was the first game released on Nintendo hardware when the company abandoned the hardware and switched to multi-format publishing.

When asked about Super Monkey Ball (around 12 minutes), Nagoshi explained that the reason GameCube was chosen as the port platform was due to the age group targeted by Nintendo’s hardware. However, he adds that he “still” feels that Nintendo’s system is aimed at the same age group.

I think the Nintendo platform is still a game console that can be played by a wide range of age groups, but I think it’s basically hardware for kids and teens. Meanwhile, at that time, Nintendo was also focusing on the kids market, so I thought it would suit.

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