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Senate report submitted, calling for immediate government intervention

The Regional Affairs and Transport Reference Commission has submitted its final report to the Commission’s investigation into the importance of a viable, safe, sustainable and efficient road transport industry.

The report states that the study underscores the need for immediate government intervention to change the operations, practices and safety culture of industries on which the country as a whole depends.

Urgent reform proposals proposed by submitters in all parts of the sector include making the industry sustainable, training and safety a top priority, and the fundamentals of unsafe behavior. The focus is on addressing the cause.

Established in September 2019, the survey covers a wide range of transportation industry standards forums with state and national transportation associations, owner drivers, trainers, scholars, transportation companies and employers, industrial organizations and unions. It was done as a result of various discussions.

Over time, the overwhelming majority of participants found that the way forward in the transportation industry was not only to investigate the many factors the industry faced at the national level, but also to make recommendations in the Senate survey, including: I agreed to promote the establishment. How the industry can become more viable, safe, sustainable, efficient and profitable.

In the course of this investigation, 150 Witnesses appeared before the committee at 11 hearings nationwide and through conference calls and video conferencing from Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania.

Of the 150 witnesses, 37 have emerged as truck drivers.

The committee received a total of 128 submissions, 58 of which were from truck drivers.

The report states that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is currently investigating and implementing mid-air collisions from the establishment of independent bodies to set universal and binding standards for wages and the outlawing of unfair and unsafe contracts. It contained 10 recommendations leading up to the expansion of its authority. An independent, unblamed safety survey of road collisions involving large commercial vehicles.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many people who were involved in this inquiry and gave their opinions, and to the many people I spoke to. Most of them are truck drivers. From now on, everyone. What is needed and what can be done to improve the road transport industry in Japan? “

TWU Secretary of State Michael Caine welcomed the recommendation, adding that it must be truly industry-led for an independent agency to succeed.

“This comprehensive report highlights the portrayal of the transportation industry and the regulatory requirements to correct the deep-seated and deadly pressures in the transportation supply chain,” Kaine said in a recently released statement.

Senate report submitted, calling for immediate government intervention Senate report submitted, calling for immediate government intervention

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