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Senate sale 📉

Senate sale

For many, the New Year was full of celebrations and a lot of optimism. So what’s worse than 2020? But in the financial markets, the Dow fell 1.7% this New Year, and both the S & P 500 and the Nasdaq began to fall 1.8%. So what’s behind this sale? Well, first and foremost, 2020 is over, but the impact of 2020 is not over yet. Unemployment is still rising and millions of Americans are struggling, but unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past year, this isn’t new. So what is the cause of this unique decline? Now, many investors have pointed out politics, especially the Georgia final vote for the US Senate seats.

The Senate is one of the major players in the US government and is very powerful. Georgia is especially important because if the Democratic Party beats Georgia, the Senate will be split 50-50, but the Vice President will go to the Democratic Party because he has the vote to break the tie. Expectations are investor uncertainty, as pollsters have recently increased the chances of a victory for the Democratic Party and anyone who wins the Senate has greater influence over economic policy and law. Is spurring on. And because Democrats and Republicans take very different approaches to pandemics and their economic aftermath, the results can undoubtedly impact the market.

I am not a financial adviser. My comments should not be taken as financial advice. There are risks associated with investing, so be sure to conduct a survey and analysis in advance.

Senate sale 📉 Senate sale 📉

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