Senior Rare Director Leaves Everwild Due to Xbox Losing Another Developer

Everwild-more mystery than ever (Photo: Microsoft)

After Halo Infinite’s director retired, Rare confirmed that Everwild’s creative director Simon Woodroffe had also left the company.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to have much luck Rare Creative Director Simon Woodlov has left the UK developer after working for the company for eight years and is currently a senior developer.

Everwild continues without him, led by Executive Producer Louise O’Connor, Lead Designer James Blackham, and Studio Art Director Ryan Stephenson.

“We thank Simon for his efforts in Everwild and wish him good luck in the future,” rare studio boss Craig Duncan told VGC. “The Everwild team is committed to building games that provide players with an unforgettable experience in a natural and magical world.”

Woodroffe started out in the gaming industry as a writer and designer for the Simon The Sorcerer game, then became Head of Design for Sega Europe’s Technology Group and joined Rare in 2012.

No reason for him to resign is given, but according to VGC, Woodlov submitted his resignation at the beginning of the month and has been absent from the company since then.

It’s still unclear exactly what Everwild is, and in rare cases Polygon’s interview admits: ‘Part of the reason we didn’t talk much about Everwild is that we still feel a lot of these things. We are still playing with gameplay ideas.

The latest Xbox Games Showcase seems to suggest that Everwild is exclusive to the Xbox Series X / S and will not be released on Xbox One, but it has not been confirmed and there is no game release date.

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Senior Rare director quits Everwild as Xbox loses another veteran developer

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