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Sensex Stocks: How Budgets Changed Their Horizon

Asian paint

There is no specific announcement in budget Regarding the paint department. However, if you focus on affordable housing in both rural and urban areas, higher infrastructure will work for the industry.In addition, increased rural income should help the company grow in the hinterland.

Budget banner

Extension of additional tax deductions for affordable mortgages to support business growth. Focusing on improving infrastructure is a good sign given that banks are exposed to corporate lending.The establishment of a bad bank and the strengthening of NCLT may help enable faster resolution of stressed assets.


Bajaj Auto

There were no major announcements affecting the motorcycle segment. However, focusing on improving local income is a plus for entry-level bikes. We remain positive given our efforts to grow in the premium segment and the government’s efforts to export through production-linked incentives.

Bajaj Auto

The budget did not make any specific announcements that would have a direct impact on lenders, but the government’s determination to promote growth and economic recovery would have a positive impact on segments such as durable goods and overall consumerism. May give.

Bajaj fin


The extension of additional mortgage deductions remains positive for mortgage book growth. The rationalization of taxation on premiums up to Rs 2.5 is still a deterrent, given the contribution of individual unit-linked products at 42% of new business premiums.Overall momentum is a good sign for the credit business

bajaj fins rve

Bharti Airtel

There were no announcements affecting Airtel. Basically, Airtel remains the top pick in the telecommunications sector given its relatively strong holding of revenue market share with stable performance and comfortable leverage. The favorable industrial structure of the three players is a good kicker for tariff hikes



The pharmaceutical industry budget was more or less silent. We are positive about equities as management continues to focus on cost rationalization and strives to focus on simultaneous launches across regions and segments.Based on strong free cash flow and a healthy balance sheet


HCL Technologies

There were no budget announcements affecting HCL Technologies. Basically, HCL Tech is in the right place to gain demand traction for the cloud and related services.In addition, better capital allocation and a healthy margin trajectory will make you more positive about equities from a long-term perspective.

HCL Tech


The budget does not have a major proposal that has a direct impact on the real estate sector. The government allows an additional deduction of Rs 1,50,000 for affordable mortgages. HDFC is the largest mortgage lender in the country and may benefit from this.



There is no direct impact of the budget proposal on the largest private banks. However, the overall impetus for economic activity and infrastructure development is strong for the lending business.Also, an additional deduction of Rs 1,50,000 for affordable mortgages could boost credit demand in this segment.


Hindustan Unilever

The allocation to MGNREGA has increased from the FY2008 budget of 61,500 rupees to 73,000 rupees. This will help continue the strong sales momentum of consumers and FMCG companies, especially for companies with high local contributions.


Proposals to establish a bad bank and improve NCLT procedures are a good sign as they are expected to lead to faster resolution of stressed assets. Given that banks are exposed to the books of corporate loans, the impetus for infrastructure development is positive.


This is C

There is no change in tobacco excise tax. This is safe. After the GST for the past three years, the excise tax has increased only once in the 2020 budget, and the taxation on tobacco is stable. This benefits the ITC.

This is C

There are no specific announcements that could directly affect IndusIndBank. However, the new scrappage incentive policy for commercial vehicles (CVs) has the potential to improve loan demand. The government has decided to accelerate infrastructure spending. This is good for CVs and IndusInd.


Infosys expects to be a major beneficiary of the multi-year growth of digital technology, given its ability to provide end-to-end solutions. A healthy trading win is expected to help the company steadily improve its finances in the coming quarters.


Kotak Mahindra Bank

Introducing a voluntary scrappage incentive policy in the budget will strengthen alternative purchases of commercial vehicles. There are less than 2 million medium and large commercial vehicles that are more than 15 years old.Given the bank’s car lending subsidiary, focusing on this and the infrastructure works well

Larsen & Tubro

The government increased its infrastructure allocation by 26% to reach Rs 5.5. It also provided the state with 2 rupees for capital investment beyond its own commitment. It allocated 20,000 rupees to the development finance institutions.These initiatives provide L & T with strong bidding opportunities

Mahindra & Mahindra
The government has promised to increase farm income through record sourcing of edible grain. This should support local demand. It also proposes a voluntary disposal policy for commercial vehicles and the procurement of buses for urban transportation.These measures firmly support M & M

Maruti Suzuki India
There were no budget announcements affecting Maruti Suzuki. We are cautious about us due to the lack of opportunity to increase margins, the continued loss of market share of utility vehicles, and the deterioration of our product mix.Overall promotion of economic and income levels is on track for long-term growth

The revival of DISCOM is beneficial for large generators like NTPC. Structurally, the key point that can be monitored is how efficiently diversify into the field of renewable energy and move away from traditional coal-based power plants.This can improve your company’s ESG profile

Nestor India
There are no specific budget-related announcements regarding FMCG companies. However, while the government is trying to improve agricultural income, it is expanding its direct distribution range in rural areas. We believe that sustainable government spending through MGNAREGA indirectly benefits the company.

The government reduced the oil subsidy in 2010 to 12,995 rupees compared to 38,790 rupees in 2009. This is a slight negative for ONGC, but as long as international oil prices are in the $ 50-60 range per barrel, the impact can be limited.

Power Grid Co., Ltd.
The proposed InvIT is positive as after debt repayment, 300 billion rupees of cash could flow into the company and be paid to investors in the form of dividends. Also, the distribution reform program of Rs 30,500 is a good sign for this sector.

Reliance Industries
There is no direct impact, but the impetus for economic activity through infrastructure development should support refinery throughput and petrochemical volumes.Improving income levels can also raise telecommunications charges for retail businesses and enhance the capabilities of successful companies.

State Bank of India
The establishment of bad banks and the strengthening of NCLT to provide faster resolution of stress assets should support earnings. Being the largest mortgage lender in the bank, you will benefit from an additional deduction of Rs 1,50,000 for affordable mortgages.Also, the focus of the infrastructure works well

Sun Pharma
There are no specific measures in the budget for the pharmaceutical sector. Increasing attention to health care is indirectly helpful. We are positive about inventories as the contributions from our specialty increase.A strong domestic franchise has the potential to transform its product mix for more rewarding businesses

No budget announcements will affect TCS. Given TCS’s digital capabilities and market share gained through vendor consolidation, captive carve-out, and increased outsourcing, TCS is expected to record strong revenue growth over the next few years.This and a healthy margin encourage us to be positive about equities.

Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra has no direct budget impact. Large lift and shift trading, digital technology, improved 5G spending, large trading, and increased acceleration in Europe are good signs for the company.Given this and the improvement in margin trajectory, we are positive about equities

Reducing gold tariffs from the current 12.5% ​​to 7.5% is a plus for Titan as it could increase demand. Titan’s jewelery division reported sales in the December 2020 quarter increased by approximately 15% year-on-year.The resurgence of healthy growth represents the unique strengths of the Tanishuk brand.

Ultratech cement
With capital investment surged to Rs. 550 million, cement demand remains healthy, outpacing supply growth and expected to improve cement company utilization and profit margins.UltraTech, a leader in the cement sector, remains our priority candidate

Sensex Stocks: How Budgets Changed Their Horizon Sensex Stocks: How Budgets Changed Their Horizon

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