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Senssex: Bears could take control next week, but all eyes are on the new list

Mumbai: Increasing selling pressure from foreign portfolio investors Omicron expensive inflation..

This week, the benchmark stock indexes each fell by about 3%. This was primarily due to the outflow of FPI and the movement of the Federal Reserve Board to combat inflation rather than support growth. The central bank of the United States announced on Wednesday that it would accelerate the tapering of its asset purchase program, but its members showed three possible rate hikes in 2022.

The Bank of EnglandA tighter global monetary policy reality is more direct to investors, who have so far slowed to record global liquidity, with a surprising rate hike of 15 basis points on Thursday, according to Money Manager. became.

“The secondary market is expected to continue to be under pressure unless there are positive events. As the global macro is expected to dominate, investors will focus on FII activity to assess trends and range. We need to stick to equity-centric investment strategies in the bounds index movement.

Technical analysts, the benchmark index is Nifty50 It ended in a week below the uptrend line, which is a bearish signal for traders. On Friday, traders aggressively purchased the Nifty50 Index Out of Money Put Options. This suggests that traders are in a bearish mood and expect more losses in the future.

Ruchit Jain of said the Nifty50 will face resistance next week at 17,200-17,300 points, while supporting around a swing low of 16,780-16,890 points.

This vulnerable sentiment among investors could impact the performance of a series of new companies listed on the stock exchange next week. MapmyIndia, Metro Brands, Data Patterns, MedPlus and Shriram Properties will debut next week.

Money managers have suggested that investors continue to rotate their funds from sectors with weak earnings outlook to sectors with strong earnings outlook. Information technology stocks continue to be popular given their defensive nature and expectations for strong December quarter earnings.

Weak margins and slowing growth prospects are expected to continue to weigh on metal, pharmaceutical and chemical inventories in the light of Omicron varieties.

“Investors can take advantage of this long-term opportunity to build up stocks in essentially healthy banks. The current basic position of this sector provides a positive long-term outlook. “Masu,” said Shah.

Senssex: Bears could take control next week, but all eyes are on the new list Senssex: Bears could take control next week, but all eyes are on the new list

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