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Sergiño Dest has endured a rough start to the New Year at FC Barcelona, ​​but young Americans are determined to regain his best shape.

Dest was sent off due to a thigh injury, so he couldn’t play in three games in a row and would miss the fourth game in five games. The 20-year-old former Ajax Fullback will miss Barcelona’s next match against Layo Valecano on Wednesday and will return to training on Tuesday, but he was limited to personal work.

Dest has been working on the thigh problem since Barcelona defeated Granada 4-0 on January 9th, causing thigh discomfort. He was left on the bench for the Spanish Super Cup semi-final victory against Barcelona’s next match, Real Sociedad, and lasted only 45 minutes when Ronald Koeman started him in the Super Cup final with Athletic Bilbao.

Since then, Dest has missed Copa del Rey’s victory over Cornella and while returning to the team he has been left on the bench for his recent victory over Barcelona’s Elche.

The pain of recent injuries was the last and last of 13 consecutive starts in all competitions during the six weeks of Dest. That harsh workload caught up with Dest, who had previously played a similar minute only once when he made 11 straight starts over Ajax’s six-week span in early 2020. .. The stretch stops the coronavirus pandemic.

Dest stopped the USMNT defender from doing well, admitting that he had confidently hit him in the midst of recent physical problems.

“For me, I don’t feel 100% right now, so it’s important to regain that confidence,” Dest said in a recent interview with La Liga. “That’s the most important thing right now. Regain confidence and play as if you knew how to do it.”

Not only is Dest fighting injured, but veteran Sergi Roberto is on the verge of recovering from his injury and faces a threat to hold in the right backspot of the start. Roberto’s injury last fall opened the door for Dest to become Kuman’s first choice. Roberto’s return could leave Dest on the bench for an important February, including a clash with UEFA Champions League 16 Paris Saint-Germain. -Jermain.

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Sergino Dest fighting to get back into action Sergino Dest fighting to get back into action

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