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Oh, serious Sam! Croteam’s legendary absolutely exaggerated FPS that began in the early 2000s. Combining skill and patience, with less brain power, Serious Sam has lovingly created a world of heavenly games of monsters and bullets. With the announcement of the fourth title after Serious Sam 3: BFE in November 2011, it’s easy to say that Sam fans have been waiting for a while looking for their serious action.

It took so long to develop that it was no stranger to make big promises, including the threat of displaying 100,000 enemies on the screen. This is amazing. As long as I could see Sam’s eyes coming straight to me, my entire monitor was full of bad guys, years of development to ensure only the best, even Croteam still leading it I was there! But the reality is, sadly, not where those expectations lied.

Is that okay? Well, in many words … I hate to say that, but it’s not. It doesn’t feel like a serious thumb game from start to finish. The only real connection is the asset / enemy and Sam’s narration. Every turn, it casts a shadow over the epic vision and feels like a missed opportunity … and well, it’s terrible as a huge serious Samfan. I love the franchise as one of my favorite, but it’s like Indiana Jones and crystal skull level stuff. Let’s discuss.

When you think of Serious Sam, you think of the vast Egyptian desert and temple levels. The jungle roams huge waterfalls, of their nature. In the case of Serious Sam 4, we are thrown into an atmosphere like Call of Duty-a modern war street devastated by the Italian war. There is nothing visually wrong. In fact, it’s pretty good in terms of “creating a game in Unity”, but looking over the beige palette just feels like re-running the smash. It has been a hit since 2006. I feel like I don’t have an identity, but why did I go one step further? The game pushes the story very hard and wants you to always be in a very bad storyline … but when did serious Sam need a serious story? Sam says Duke Nuchem’s One Liner and drops me into a wave-like arena.

OK. The core was rough. combat. The arenas fight one after another, as I said there. That’s what we want-and you get it … technically. Some favorite old faces appear to eat lead, which is great along with some new pain on your back. No complaints here, each of them has their own strategy to defeat them like a classic. There’s an optional side mission, but it’s also a lot of fun … I’m fully involved in the song “Look for 5 clues and get things”. Do you kill more on the way? In addition, there are some cool hellish landscapes that even feel creepy along the way, despite what I said about the Call of Dutyland themed level.

Reader, I’m not going to lie. As a serious fan of Serious Sam, it’s very difficult to get involved in this article. I know they’ve tried some big ideas, but it feels like all of them are miles below the intended mark. If you’re a franchise enthusiast like me, you definitely want this-but believe in my words and wait for a deep cut or sale. Otherwise, you’ll be frustrated by spending over £ 30 on something that feels like a hasty, buggy mess covered in your favorite thumbpaint coat. There may be patches to solve the technical problem someday, but the fact remains that it doesn’t feel like a serious game at all.

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