Serious Sam Collection Review (Switch eShop)

Central joke Serious Sam He is not serious at all. Nor is his game.In fact, they very They’re ridiculous, and if they don’t start acting, they’re not going to get sweets. Yes, Croteam’s longtime flagship FPS is a willing Daft Blaster that enjoys throwing as many enemies as possible at you and creates a really exhilarating giant and ridiculous combat sequence.

Incarnation of this switch Serious Sam Collection It offers a generous collection of thumb content at a very affordable price.You are getting Serious Sam: First Encounter HD, Its follow-up Serious Sam: The Second Encounter HD, Serious Sam 3: BFE And all of their respective DLC extensions. Beast legend (Second encounter) Nile Jewel (BFE). It’s certainly an expensive package and exceeds the price we expected.There are a few omissions – the Xbox 360 version included a great side crawler Serious Sam DDXXL, And underestimation Serious Sam 2 It doesn’t exist altogether (Second Encounter is confusingly not the same).While we’re dreaming, we’d love to see a re-release of the amazing GameCube Serious Sam: Next Encounter, But that probably never happens.

Still, what’s here represents the core of the series, and that’s enough. Unfortunately, the way these games are presented here is a very complex bag, some of which are really painful. This is a very simple recommendation, but performance – sometimes – is completely disastrous and even casts doubt on the wisdom of freeing things. Jeez.

The First Encounter runs at 60fps in both switch modes, the Second Encounter sets the same target when docked and usually manages the same in the handheld, but Serious Sam 3: BFE is a hot mess. When playing on the go, you can hardly maintain a decent frame rate. The larger the area, the worse it gets.Performance and perfection (and frequently) Hitch makes this a difficult outlook.that is a little The docking format is better, but the handheld play really feels like no-go. In the options menu, you can select “Performance” mode, which is the mode in which you played most of the game. The problem is not really improved enough to solve the problem.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play. The controls are fine, but personally I’ve found the strength of Serious Sam to make the game very difficult as the Switch analog sticks in handheld mode are a bit loose. The menu allows you to turn on automatic aiming. This will cause the reticle to appear around the currently targeted enemy. Sincerely We recommend this for a refreshing and non-irritating experience. Purists will trash this, but as we all know, purists are not worth hearing about anything (except for the purity of water, which is probably alive or dead).

If you can ignore performance issues, Serious Sam Collection Excellent.. Movement and aiming (using the optional automatic aiming) are certainly very responsive and surprisingly have technical issues. The level design is uniformly powerful. The stages are very “wide linear”, but they plunge into a terribly hidden secret realm and are generally at a very good pace. BFE is an exception, where you’ll play three very long, very dull levels before things pick up remotely, but that’s still not bad overall. Focus on throwing a lot, many Enemies can sometimes cause fatigue, especially in games after constant onslaught, which is another attraction of this series. Overcome ridiculous odds as a memorable cast of monsters will charge you. There is a reason why the headless, screaming Kamikaze bomber is so symbolic.

There are over 50 levels here, lots of weapons, and you can find hundreds of evil hidden areas and items. Without the brutal performance of Serious Sam 3, it’s a perfectly robust package and cost-effective. completely Kill the fun for you. Switching games is easy (especially when there’s a fair amount of loading here, but especially when dead), there are plenty of options for customizing the game, and it’s generally very sophisticated-sadly. , Seems to be counted as one-third. Of the collection. There is full online play and split screen play here. This is a great inclusion, but at the time of the review I couldn’t find the game online. Other than the visual issues we mentioned, there are no compromises in this collection. This is a complete presentation of Serious Sam.


Two-thirds of the Serious Sam collection is great, but the last one-third is the actual technical mess. Serious Sam 3: BFE is one of the most impressive switch ports I’ve ever seen.that is renewable resource, But certainly a machine that can extrude an acceptable version Fate Can you manage this? Early patches may fix the problem, but as it is today, The Serious Sam Collection is only recommended as a great way to play First Encounters and Second Encounters. However, it is not advertised and as a result, only careful recommendations can be made for this package. 3 game collection There is Three game collections. One of the faintest suggestions, not two games.

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