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When the Philadelphia 76ers trade Seth Curry, It may have seemed insignificant. But he is already perfectly fit for his new team.

Philadelphia star Ben Simmons And Joel Embiid Known for his aversion to shooting from a distance. Unless Simmons is more open to shooting, the floor spacing will always be a bit unstable. However, the addition of curry gave the Sixers a more modern feel to their attacks.

Curry is already doing a good job of expanding the floor, as more than half of the field goal attempts have been made across the arc. The guards are elite enough shooters, and defenders must pay close attention to him when he crosses boundaries.

In fact, many people have a 3-point percentage of Curry (of all players who have taken at least 1,000 shots from long distances in their careers.44.5%) The second best rank in history.

Meanwhile, since Simmons entered the league Every, He has the second most assists on the 3-pointer of all NBA players.But if he included the playoffs and not the looks from the corner, he recorded Over 202 of these assists More than any other player in the league.

Before the season begins, Curry has two, due to his skill across the arc and how well Simmons can find his sharp teammates. Perfect match..

This was during his first year as head coach of this team, Dock Rivers Philadelphia suggests that these opportunities depend on curry.Throughout the first six games, the two lineups of Curry and Simmons Second most Duo is used for Sixers.

Due to the magnitude of gravity produced by both Embiid and Simmons, there were no hostile defenders near Curry when he was lined up around him.

According to NBA.comThe sniper made 19 attempts from a 3-point range where the closest defender was not within 6 feet. So one-third of his total attempts this season were wide open three-pointers. He hit the connection on 10 of these occasions. 5th best At the Eastern Conference.

His role in their attack was fairly well defined during the short time he spent with his new team in Philadelphia.

When he picked up the ball, he was expected to react quickly before the defender could close. Over 80 percent of his three-point attempts (28So far, it has happened within just two seconds of receiving the ball. Given that the curry is 15 to 24, that also worked (62.5 Percentage) 3 pointers after no dribbling in 2020-21.

After 6 games By PBP statisticsThe Sixers shoot 43.0% when the curry is on the floor and 25.9% when it’s on the bench.

One of the biggest differences is the selection of shots considering the frequency of midrange attempts (30 percent) Is the lowest rate in his career, according to Cleaning the Glass.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that he was signed by a 76ers executive. Daryl Morey,That Attack philosophy During his tenure at the Hoston Rockets, midrange shots were supposed to be a last resort.

Overall, his score was an incredibly valuable addition to his team. He has averaged 1.31 points per Synergy and per possession and is currently ranked in the 95th percentile of all NBA players.

Throughout his career, Curry is known for his shooting, but has never established a reputation as a playmaker. But as he told reporters, he looks more comfortable in his role as a secondary ball handler (Via Sixers Wire):

“Everyone is touching the ball with more pick-and-roll play with Joe, dribble handoffs with Ben, and even more handoffs with Tobias. Everyone is a threat, obviously everyone is 3 points. I’m going to finish me off with a line, so I can do a lot of things. I can put the ball on the floor. “

So far, he is in a position to record 6.2 potential assists per game. Every, And turned into a career-the best 4.0 assists per game. This suggests that teammates scored 64.5 percent of the chances of putting the ball in the basket.

For comparison, that rate did not exceed 52 percent during any of his previous three seasons in the league. He can also have a much more impressive rate as a distributor if the people around him are hitting.

His way of playing may not be sustainable throughout the season, but this seems to be his best role since he turned professional. It’s easy to see that this will continue to be a year of curry career as long as he stays healthy.

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Seth Curry of the Sixers looks ready for the best season of his career Seth Curry of the Sixers looks ready for the best season of his career

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