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Although the deal has arrived with a wealth of experience in this category, Seton marks the first appropriate step towards a supercar system.

He spent the last few seasons as a mechanic at Dick Johnson Racing, driving DJR Ford during the aero test.

However, his racing experience so far has focused beyond supercars, including the 2019 Trans-Am title-winning campaign.

That year, Seton started many touring car masters. Unexpected TCR Australia hits Queensland Raceway as a replacement for French Jean-Karl Vernay..

“I’m looking forward to joining MSR at this year’s Super 2,” Seton said.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity [team owners] Jason [Gomersall and] mat [Stone] And the team here is together, and I’m really looking forward to working with everyone.

“Fortunately, I was able to work in the car and learn as much as possible about the technical aspects.

“This will definitely help me when we go to the race and allow us to get as much as possible from the car while improving as a driver throughout the season.”

MSR last entered Super2 in 2017 and won the title of the year at Todd Hazelwood.

The team then strengthened the main game with Hazelwood next season and then expanded to two cars, with Zayn Goddard and Jake Costecki racing this season.

“MSR is excited to be back with a powerful Super 2 entry that puts Aaron behind the steering wheel,” Stone said.

“We are enthusiastic about regaining our position as the top team in Super 2 and achieving great success in this category even after winning the championship in 2017 and finishing the series at a high price.”

In other Super2 news, Josh Fife will compete with Nissan for the title-winning MW motorsport team this season.

Canberra drivers have been driving for the last two seasons at Brad Jones Racing. The first was Super 3, and last year we strengthened the second tier.

He finished the shortening campaign in 10th place with points.

“After 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, it gave me a good time to look back and explore new opportunities,” Fife said.

“I am very grateful for everything the Brad Jones team has taught me and am very excited to learn at Matt White Motorsport.

“I’ve seen teams like Thomas Randall have a very successful career in the team, so I’m pretty sure this race team will give me all the opportunities I can get.

The 2021 Super2 season will begin next month at Mount Panorama.

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Seton Ink 2021 Super2 Deal Seton Ink 2021 Super2 Deal

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