SEVENTEEN postpones promotion of “Your Choice” album after staff test positive for COVID-19: Bollywood News

Korean group SEVENTEEN made a comeback on June 18th with their 8th mini-album ‘Your choice’ With the music video of the title track “Ready to love”.. Currently, the group’s parent company has stopped promoting. According to their statement, one HYBE company staff member and an outside staff member tested positive for COVID-19 on June 18th and June 19th. As a precautionary measure, the company has decided to postpone the promotion.

“We announced that the promotion of SEVENTEEN’s 8th mini-album has been postponed. On June 15th, SEVENTEEN took a picture as part of preparations for the comeback of the 8th mini-album. HYBE Staff 1 One person and one outside staff The people who attended the event were both positive on the COVID-19 test, the first time on June 18th and the second time on June 19th. “

“On the night of June 17, when the first confirmed case showed signs of symptoms, SEVENTEEN used a self-test kit to confirm that COVID-19 was negative. Additional PCR as a preemptive measure. I took the test and all received negative results. Currently, on the morning of June 18th, the artist has no symptoms such as fever or dyspnea. All staff members who attended the shooting on June 15th self-tested. We took a pre-emptive test with the kit and subsequent PCR tests. The two already confirmed were all negative, and after June 18th, only the staff who were confirmed to be negative participated, but on June 19th. Disease control officials have categorized all participants, shooting on June 15 as close contact for confirmed cases and ordering self-quarantine from June 19 to June 29. “

According to the statement, their appearance on the music show will be rescheduled. “Therefore, SEVENTEEN will postpone scheduled activities such as recording” Inkigayo “and online fan signing event scheduled for June 20th. Details of SEVENTEEN’s rescheduled activities will be revealed after the artist has completed self-quarantine. Understanding of fans, media and broadcasters who have been waiting for a comeback. We will continue to follow the instructions and guidelines of disease prevention authorities, giving top priority to the health of artists and staff. Priority “.

Prior to the release of the album last week, group member The8, also known as Xu Minghao, promoted the album, but it was revealed that performance was limited due to ankle and ankle pain. The statement said, “We would like to provide the following information regarding participation in the promotion activities of the 8th mini-album of SEVENTEEN member THE8. ‘Your choice‘. While practicing choreography, THE 8 felt pain in the instep and ankle and visited the hospital for treatment and detailed examination. As a result, he was advised by medical personnel that his daily life would not be affected, but that he should focus on treatment, get plenty of rest, and minimize intense physical activity, including choreography. .. “

“We carefully monitored the condition of THE 8 and the progress of treatment and discussed his participation in promotional activities,” he said.Your choice’And, considering the strong desire to participate in the activities of the artist, we decided to participate in THE 8 in the official promotion as long as we can avoid the excessive burden. As a result, THE 8 will participate in the 8th mini-album “Your Choice” activity, minimizing his role in the performance. I would like to apologize to all the fans who have raised concerns about this issue. Supporting THE8 in his treatment and recovery is paramount so that he can rejoin his fans in perfect health. “

Meanwhile, members of the group Star, The8,and Wonwoo And Mingu Released a solo work in early April.South Korean group dropped the third Japanese single in the title Not alone’ Or “Not alone” (not alone).. A single pre-released on the music platform on April 15, 2021 and a music video released on April 18, 2021.

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SEVENTEEN postpones promotion of “Your Choice” album after staff test positive for COVID-19: Bollywood News

https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/seventeen-postpones-choice-album-promotions-staff-test-positive-covid-19/ SEVENTEEN postpones promotion of “Your Choice” album after staff test positive for COVID-19: Bollywood News

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