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It was another big week in the world of professional wrestling, WWE advanced towards WWE TLC, but Wednesday’s Night Wars continued to rage with two more entertaining shows. This week we had a quality mixed bag, from working in the ring to promoting and storytelling. But which show was the best? Let’s disassemble!

4. WWE Raw

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This time WWE Raw was a real drug, but heading for PPV is by no means a good thing. The fact that it brought the lowest number of viewers in the history of the company was sadly worth it because of the poor quality of the show as a whole. From the very beginning when The Miz was reading the WWE version of Night Before Christmas, and from the Hawkeye segment, it was clear that the show would be poor.

The work between Lana and Nia Jaz was incredibly sloppy, and their match was far below the quality people expected. Moreover, writing her down from the television didn’t make sense in the storyline they had been working on up to that point.

The whole show was done in a really comedy way and there was really a shortage of stories to attend. Thankfully, it wasn’t all a disaster.Sheamus with him AJ style There was a great match, but it’s about as good as things got.

3. AEW Dynamite

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Like WWE Raw, this week was a very boring episode of AEW Dynamite. This felt like a lesser-known mill show run. As usual, wrestling was fun, but there weren’t any big angles or matches to see.

As expected, the major tag match matches were so chaotic that too many wrestlers were involved in the success of the match. The women’s tag team segment felt like it was done just to check the boxes. Much of it happens during commercials, and this issue continues to plague the entire show.

The main event served the purpose of pushing Kenny Omega as the dominant champion, but certainly not in favor of Joey Janella. Overall, the show was practical and fun, but it never got out of the second gear altogether.

2. WWE SmackDown

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The WWE TLC Go Home Show did a very good job of achieving the excitement needed.Working with Kevin Owens all night Roman reign It was awesome, and it sold stories and matches as what people really wanted to see.

The Tag Teamwork between The Street Profits and Dolph Ziggler / Robert Roode was a good match and I enjoyed it. However, it’s well documented at this point, so it’s time to move on to this storyline.

Otis, who defeated Shinsuke Nakamura, shocked everyone, and their match was not particularly good. Bailey Defeating Bianca Belair at this point was really flat, despite the good match. But the Sami award segment is really great,


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The black and gold brands have recently been rolled, and it continued in this episode of the show. I felt that all the segments were important and served my purpose. Austin Theory and Indy Hartwell made progress in the gimmick, and working with the Way faction was tremendous overnight.

The work with Boa and XiaLi continues to be excellent and these segments are very well organized. Not only that, Tyler Last really shined in the match against Tommaso Ciampa and helped build a brand new name.

WWE NXT played two takeover quality matches at the show. The main event between Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley was great. But the match between Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dunne was a real show stealer and the best match of the week, and this fierce match before and after was incredible.

4th place = 1 point
3rd place = 2 points
2nd place = 3 points
1st place = 4 points

2020 results (weekly points totaled below):

WWE Raw- 106
WWE NXT- 153
AEW Dynamite-139
WWE SmackDown-106

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Several matches announced at AEW Dynamite’s New Year’s Smash Nights 1 & 2 Several matches announced at AEW Dynamite’s New Year’s Smash Nights 1 & 2

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