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If your team isn’t creative, it’s not the deadline.Both ESPN Jeff Passan And Mark Feinzand on Report that at least one NL club is exploring the possibility of winning a Twins designated hitter Nelson Cruz.. Passan states that Cruz is a “game” for playing the field when trading.

Since 2018, it will be difficult for the team to trust Cruz in the field as it is not suitable for defensive innings. He has recorded only 54 innings on the glove since 2016. However, Cruz is the best pure batter. What came to the market this summer was a significant reduction in the excellent .294 / .370 / .537 with 19 home runs, 13 home runs and even triples. He can play DH in the remaining inter-league games at AL Park and can play DH while playing the World Series. This is when the winning team has progressed so far. Cruz plays the season with $ 13 million in transactions per year, and has to pay a total post-trade deadline of approximately $ 4.54 million.

Neither Passan nor Feinsand list a particular team, but from a purely speculative point of view, the Padres, Braves, and Giants all seem to have long-term possibilities, at least to consider the idea. Darren Wolfson of 1500 SKOR North in Minneapolis Tweet Both the Braves and the Dodgers had some interest in the last offseason, but many NL clubs spent much of the winter hoping that the Universal DH would eventually be implemented.

AJ Preller, general manager of San Diego, has maintained an affinity with former Rangers players since he held the reins of the monks. Improve the consistency of his lineup This summer. Placing Cruz in the corner of the outfield, at the expense of considerable defense, will achieve it.There wasn’t a strong connection between the two, but a ready-to-use Cruz / Padres matchup idea. It makes sense for a while..

On the other hand, for the Braves Ronald Acuña Jr. And Marcell OzunaCruz will not break the bank in terms of outlook and will give Atlanta a long-awaited middle ground in the presence of orders. Given their violent choices elsewhere in the outfield, the Braves probably feel they can cover some of Cruz’s lack of range.

In San Francisco, the Giants won just .217 / .291 / .396 batting lines from the left fielder in 2021.Recently they “Key” team In Starling Marte On the market, Cruz will be another rental bat that gives the lineup some extra bangs. Cruz roaming the outfield in a cave-like Oracle Park seems particularly dangerous, but it’s hard to exaggerate how much he outperformed his current production in the left field.

Of course, there are other possible fits. The Cardinals have been struggling to find production in the outfield in recent years. Nationals is now Kyle Schwarber Have I was looking Josh Bell Recently, as an option in the left field. I feel that it can never be ruled out that the Dodgers are doing unorthodox and / or unexpected things.

Indeed, any candidate or fringe candidate can argue that Cruz’s bat is sufficient to offset defensive hits. Teams can be creative just by playing Cruz on the grass when a heavy ground ball or strikeout pitcher is on the mound. He could be dismissed frequently due to mid- or late defensive shifts, allowing the team to try four outfielder shifts in a particular lucrative match. Cruz also has over 8,000 career innings in the outfield. He could be expected to play on a daily basis, at least for balls struck near his general.

After all, every time Cruz moves, it still seems likely to go to an American League club. However, the cruz-to-the-NL rumbling reminds us that there is little chance that it should be completely ruled out in the next eight days. Today’s front offices consider all kinds of off-the-wall scenarios. In particular, so many teams are still uncertain about how to approach the closing date.

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Several NL clubs considered Nelson Cruz Several NL clubs considered Nelson Cruz

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