Several persona soundtracks are coming to Spotify soon

Lots of persona soundtracks on Spotify, including music from mainline games such as Persona 5.

Spin-offs like Persona 4, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. The news that the Persona soundtrack is heading to Spotify is kindly provided by the Twitter account. @AniPlaylist, Notify followers when anime songs arrive on the music streaming platform.

The album won’t be released until midnight on January 5th, but Spotify has already created official playlists with music from various persona soundtracks. The track isn’t currently available, but it’s possible that the soundtrack will go live at the same time it goes live on Spotify.

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Persona soundtracks are widely loved and often quoted as highlights of certain persona games. The popular meme even jokes that the persona has created a new jazz fan on his own.

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Matt TM Kim is an reporter.


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