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Severity of Romain GrosjeanCircuit designers believe that the severe crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix is ​​the result of multiple factors.

Grosjean struck a barrier at the exit of Turn 3 on the first lap of last month’s race. When his Haas split the guardrail in two, a force of 53G was recorded.

His car was torn in half and exploded into flames, but Grosjean managed to free himself from the wreckage. He was left with a burned hand and was unable to compete in the last two rounds of the season.

Crash occurred after Grosjean’s car touched Daniil Kvyat’s Alpha Tauri.Hermann Tilke created Bahrain International Circuit, Told to Der Standard The crash was very serious as Grosjean hit the barrier at an angle that was too steep to distract it.

“If the force is strong enough, at some point everything will break,” Tilke explained. “Several factors have come together.

“The accident happened on a straight with a narrow outflow zone and a guardrail parallel to the truck. The angle of impact was 90 degrees. If it was sharper, the car would scrape along the guardrail and energy. It would have been exhausted. The 53G acted on an incredible amount of Grojan. “

The FIA ​​is investigating the crash and will announce the results early next year.Tilke said careful lessons need to be learned about potential safety improvements.

“With Grosjean’s impact angle, it would have been better if there was a force retarder such as a tire stack in front of the guardrail,” Tilke said. “But with other effects, this can be counterproductive, as cars can get caught in them.

“Everything has its strengths and weaknesses. You need to be careful not to exacerbate other scenarios. Example: When driving a car, fasten your buckle because you know that your seat belt will protect you from accidents. However, in 0.001% of accidents, it may be better not to fasten your seatbelts, but you do not say: “Then I will not buckle again.”

“The FIA ​​will scrutinize the incident. The system has been working for decades. Such an accident was the first such accident.”

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Severity of Grosjean’s crash due to several factors Severity of Grosjean’s crash due to several factors

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