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In Cyberpunk 2077 Sex and romance Not mutually exclusive. Use this guide to learn when and where you can start another type of business, and what romance options V has.

Below is a handy chart of who can be in love and when to meet them. For more information, please read each character’s love guide.

Romance character Requirements When you meet them
Judy Alvarez Feminine voice and body You meet Judy in a main job called Information.
Panam Palmer Male figure Panam is featured in the second act of the main job, called the Ghost Town.
Riverward Feminine figure The river was introduced in Act 2
Kelly Eurodyne Masculine voice and body shape Kelly is introduced in Act 2

A specific romance mission coming soon!

Night City offers several opportunities for V to have a purely sexual relationship. There is no perfect romance that V can have with the above four letters.

First, let’s clarify something. V cannot use erotic brain dance. You can buy it at a sex shop, but the description says it’s not compatible with V. It’s a good idea to save your credits for something else, as they only appear as junk in your inventory.

But V can pay sex worker Joytoys for their services. The service costs $ 100, and when you pay, Joytoy will show you different sex scenes.


The first place you’ll meet is Westbrook’s Jig Jig Street. Those locations are marked with a lip symbol on the map.

This is the first person you will encounter:

Then, when you return to Jig Jig Street opposite this sex shop, you will find this person.

Date with Meredith Stout

Not a “true” romance character, but if you’re with Meredith Stout in the mission The Pickup, you can connect with Meredith Stout.

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